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Opinions of Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

My Soul is Sullen onto Death

..... at the revelation of the Scale of Corruption within the NDC

I have always known the NDC government to involve herself in official corruption, the stench of which, reaches onto the periphery of the Higher Firmaments. However, I never knew the scale of their unpropitious infatuation with amassing illegal wealth at the expense of the very survival of Ghanaians and Mother Ghana. The propensity to embezzle funds by the NDC is so great and unrivalled that it has become the topic of discussion at the gates of Hell. Even Satan feels cheated to see his sons and daughters in the NDC family excelling in crimes that he is scared to engage in.

Satan is leaning against the hell gate, with his chin supported in his palm, lost in thoughts trying to figure out how the NDC have chalked distinction in crime. He wonders how they have surpassed him in a field where is the Head. Instead of feeling proud of how evil his NDC offspring have become, he is fuming at their sheer wicked greediness.

Back to serious discussions, Ghana's infant democracy and economy are teetering toward total collapse under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government. On a more serious note, an undertone rumour has it that a single businessman or a contractor has purchased one thousand (1,000) pickup trucks to donate to the NDC for their election campaign. The same source of rumour alleges the NDC are planning to bribe as many polling assistants with cars as possibly, as they can.

I know, from the lot that the NDC have stolen, through dodgy judgment debt payments, quadrupling the cost of awarded contracts, they are more than able to offer the alleged bribes. The judgment debt payments by the NDC are pure connivance between them and their accomplices to swindle Ghana. This is a fact and their father Satan will punish them mercilessly for that, annoyed as he is.

I am more worried about how an individual, NDC contractor of course, is able to donate 1,000 pickup trucks to the party for their campaign. Is there no limit of money or gift that an individual can donate to a political party within a period? If indeed, it is true that a single individual is donating that number of vehicles to one political party and of course, the ruling party, then I call on Ghanaians to investigate that individual. From where did he get the money and what work does he do in Ghana? We should investigate him to ensure he has executed all contracts awarded him to precision; there must be no shoddy job done. How far was the asking price of the contract inflated? Has the businessman or the contractor been paying his fair due of taxes? These are but just a few questions to pose to both the NDC government/party and that mystery businessman or contractor.

I listened to a radio phone-in submission by one SLY on policy/general campaign issues on radio Sources UK FM 96.3 on Tuesday 25th September 2012. This man queried the NPP about their uneasiness with judgment debt payments. He said if governments unscrupulously abrogate negotiated or signed contracts, as did the NPP, then there is the obligation to pay compensations and other related penalties to the wronged individual or party. In this regard, the NDC will never relent on paying judgment debts. Nobody disputes payment of judgment debts if Ghana has genuinely incurred them. It is the dubiety and the inflated figures involved that all sensible Ghanaians are worried about. Most of the judgment debts, which are in fact out of court settlements, are not genuine but a means by the NDC to steal money from Ghana.

With the stark incompetence and thievery in perpetration by the NDC, I pray all discerning and suffering Ghanaians to join me to campaign against them. Until when shall we put up with the roguish NDC?