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Opinions of Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

My Final Prophetic Message to NPP and Ghanaians

To start with, permit me to quote Charles Darwin, an English naturalist who collected evidence to prove the theory of evolution. He said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change".

? Contextually, I admonish the NPP as a formidable grouping of intellectuals, democrats and respecters of the rule of law to adapt to the changing political rules as understood by black-minded Ghanaians. Should they continue to cloak in gentility, they will always be short-changed, robbed and treated with scorn during and after national elections as has happened in Election 2012.

? They have to cast away or curb their 100% obeisance to the governing rules of any game, be it election or whatever, of which they are participants. How they have been badly treated or bruised by the Supreme Court in their ruling on Election 2012 petition, especially by Justice Adinyirah, who claims the law is immaterial when valued against the sustenance of peace in Ghana. Therefore, she would not consider any infractions of the electoral rules to invalidate the results of Election 2012 as sought by the petitioners. If she did, she said, it could endanger the peace the country has been enjoying since the independence of Ghana. A Supreme Court Justice who does not value the laws that guarantee her position and have made her what she is. She will ensure peace weighs heavier than justice any day, anytime, anywhere, whenever she is a sitting judge. I hope her view has not been clouded by the seduction of any underhand dealing.

? NPP should play by the rules of the game as understood by Ghanaians whose brains are as dark as their skin-colour as exemplified by Justice Sophie Adinyirah of typical Ghanaian-mindedness. You should from today forward do away with your coat and tie to put on T-shirts and knickers to do "gutter politics" as does by the NDC if you really do not want to be cheated or robbed at elections again. Practise the eye for eye policy as entrenched and applied during the camping of the Israelites on the desert on their way to Canaan under the administration of liberator Moses.

? There is no more justice in Ghana. This has been amplified by the Ghana Supreme Court in their verdict on Election 2012 petition. The judges chose peace over justice but not that the petitioners could not prove their case as purported. The fact that the petitioners kept changing the number of pink sheets needed to be considered from say 4,000 to 11,800 to 10,000 or so, is not sufficient ground for the judges to conclude that the petitioners were lying about there having occurred irregularities at the polling stations. For a judge to reason along that line actually raises an eyebrow about their comprehension of laws and their interpretations . What could the judges see on the face of the pink sheets laid before them if they were say, finally settled at 2,000 instead of 11,000 or whatever? Should the violations therein contained not be considered?

? The poor and feeble in the Ghanaian society has not justice. A person stealing a fowl is sentenced to say, four years in prison while Alfred Agbesi Woyome duping Ghana of GHC51.2 million saunters up and down the streets of Ghana a free man. Is this how you administer justice in Ghana, oh Justice Sophie Adinyirah and Co? Apprehending Woyome, who is supported by almost the entire citizenry of the Volta region for swindling Ghana of such a gargantuan sum of money will unsettle the peace of Ghana so leave him to go scot free but imprison that poor man stealing a fowl or a goat? Is this the understanding of the application of the laws by Sophie Adinyirah? She will surely not be any match but a midget and a misfit in the international arena of law.

? Unless the masses avail themselves of the social networking and other means to organise persistent demonstrations to highlight their plight and or liberate themselves from the chains of socio-politico-economic slavery, they will forever be silenced through intimidation and held in poverty bondage.

? People’s power are known the world over to have finally been able to remove despots from power to set themselves free from tyranny. Ghana is currently being rigidly controlled by a clique of probable Ghanaian freemasons with intent to harm, steal and kill whoever crosses their path. For how long will you stay cowed, oh poor Ghanaians without wherewithal to sting?

? Additionally, it is said, "in unity we stand, in division we fall". Are the NPP ready to resolve their internal differences to put out one face rather than two or several half-faces of say, Nana Akufo Addo’s faction, Alan Kyeremateng’s faction etc.? Without unity among the NPP, the NDC will always exploit the NPP’s differences to their (NDC) advantage to rig elections in the NDC’S favour all of the time.

? The members of the NPP must avail themselves of their party’s internal policies of conflict resolution to solving their petty squabbles without coming public to wash and display their dirty linen. " Don’t wash your dirty clothes in public" – understood?

? Finally, the NPP must seek to promote or listen to those that they may have all along underestimated for being less educated or whatever. Elections in Ghana are not won based on the level of how highly educated one is, else, NDC would never win election in Ghana yet, they are always winning, through of course, election rigging. Give everyone a chance to progress irrespective of their educational backgrounds. Listen to their views and appreciate them for whatever they are. Let them feel welcome as they are those in majority to fight your election battles for you.

Being in government is first about winning elections. Without winning elections, you cannot be in government to implement your policies no matter how laudable they may be for the convenience of the governed. Be in the gutter, fight to win the polls. Then come out, bath, put on your coat and tie to apply your emancipatory policies. "A word to the wise is enough" ? ? STOP BEING COMPLACENT ALL OF THE TIME.

? Nana Akufo Addo won the presidential Election 2012 regardless of what the Supreme Court judges have said to the contrary. The judges cannot be wiser than the millions of worldwide public that watched the live telecast and subsequently formed their opinion. In time, God Almighty will speak on behalf and in favour of Nana Addo by manifesting His purpose for him even though, the devil incarnates have robbed him of his presidential accolade. How would the glory of God upon him be known if he did not go through such tribulations? Some human beings are making God appear a Liar in the eyes of many but God will redeem Himself at the right time within His own time and purpose.

? I am taking time off political writings. I will be attending my other personal needs. I wish all my fans fare thee well. We should no longer be sitting on the fence, twirling our fingers while NDC messes up the economy of Ghana. Let us help them with solutions to solve the teeming problems facing the nation.

? Rockson Adofo ?