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Opinions of Thursday, 7 May 2015

Columnist: Bekoe, Frank Asiedu

Mr president,if you won’t help industries to come out from dumsor...

.....don’t insult us-taxpayers’ alliance Ghana

The Taxpayers’ Alliance Ghana wish the president could have been more measured, reasonable in his statements about the the self-inflicted power challenges that confronts taxpayers of Ghana.

At the worker’s day celebration Friday May 1, 2015, President Mahama said the crippling power crisis which has seen electricity consumers enjoy power for 12 hours and endure power cuts for the next 24 hours, is a temporary challenge.
He said smart businesses recognize this fact and are therefore “not laying off workers,” but "are rather investing more resources to expand their production in Ghana."

This irresponsible comments from President Mahama has angered many Ghanaians and taxpayers who have endured power rationing for years now.

It is estimated that some 5 thousand industry workers are set to lose their jobs by September if the situation does not improve.

The Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), recently announced close to 3,000 people had been laid off and many more taxpayers continue to suffer this policy of dumsor from the John Dramani Mahama administration.

The President must be told that under dumsor companies are folding up, relocating to other favourable economies like La Cote d’voire and other Countries,laying off its workforce and taxpayers are dying all because of dumsor and he as the President should live up to its responsibility as he swore to us by the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.Can President Mahama tell Ghanaians how taxpayers can be smart in this era of dumsor.

An unqualified apology from Mr President will put him on an image redemption mission.

May God forgive you Mr President for this reckless, loose and irresponsible comments.
Frank Asiedu Bekoe
Executive Director
Taxpayers’ Alliance Ghana