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Opinions of Thursday, 19 September 2013

Columnist: Norvor, Justice Dansu

Mr. President, Here come the Tasks….

By: Justice Dansu Norvor


Young Democrats

It may not be surprising the President, John Mahama and his followers are still basking in glory after the Supreme Court verdict which but fully legitimize his presidency. Rightly so, many including the Young Democrats are still in celebrating mood considering the many vilification and aspersions cast upon the President and those in affinity with the NDC, the President duly deserves a honey moon for the image cleansing that the verdict has brought to his very person.
However, the tasks that lie ahead for the President seem insurmountable than ever before. The economy which many consider to be in tatters is in urgent need of more practical interventions to control the shortfalls. There is also the case of confidence and credibility issues with those holding public offices which must be quickly addressed by way of reshuffling. One may also recall the several calls for all inclusive government which was also made hypocritically by the National Chairman, good old, Dr. Kwabena Adjei. If one may appropriately construe this inclusive government as the assimilation of other competent Ghanaians across the political divide into mainstream of government in order to unify the country, then President Mahama has the biggest of test so far as the number one statesman of our beloved country.
We in the Young Democrats wish to reemphasize that, the President faces a daunting task to prove to Ghanaians he is really willing to unite Ghana. The NDC as a party must first of all put off the clash of egos that has divided the party into those within and those without. There must be a total reconciliation with those who have been marginalized and victimized for so long. The President must unite the NDC and integrate those capable party stalwarts who are in peripherals of government, then look beyond the NDC to identify competent Ghanaians in specialized fields and seasoned technocrats who may help the party achieve the Better Ghana Agenda. The nervous 8months of electoral litigation has given us a fair idea of how deep our country is divided and how germane there is the need for remoulding the minds and attitudes of Ghanaians for a cohesive national development. This promise of a united country that President Mahama assured Ghanaians during his national address is one of the indexes that the electorates will judge his government, come 2016. But in whatever way the President will deem appropriate to unite the country, Ghanaians are keenly watching how he makes good use of the Ofosu Ampofos,Moses Asagas, Dr. Spio-Garbrahs, Ken Dzirassahs, Kofi Adams, Mike Hammahs, Lee Ocrans, Owusu-Acheampongs and Victor Smiths who all have been so far overlooked by the presidency. Such men and women could help the country in so many positions apart from Ministerial appointments.
Recently, all Ghanaians saw how the return of some our experienced soccer players who play overseas into the Black Stars made a difference against Zambia. Some people can pretend that Ghana would have won whether our departed foreign stars returned or not. But most Ghanaians know the truth, and the same is true of the NDC Party. How can the President go out of his way to entice the Ayew brothers and Kevin Price Boateng to play for Black Stars but he cannot do the same in his own party? Already, such unnecessary divisions in NDC are making “wisemen” think about alternative leaders. How the President will appreciate and recognize the sacrifices of Martin Amidu in any public position who will give Ghanaians the hope that, at least we have patriots who will ensure there is checks and balances in the use of the national purse remains to be seen. This will also send the strongest of signals that the President is prepared to fight corruption in government. How well is Prez Mahama seeking counsel from former President Jerry Rawlings, HuuduYayah, Dan Abodakpi, Spio Garbrah, Idrissu Mahama, Kofi Awoonor and Victor Gbeho who have seen it all in national and international politics.
Inasmuch as we agree the above are not the only competent Ghanaians we have and not need necessarily to be in government to render just services to motherland, these are proven competent personalities who could add value and efficiency to our government. Their involvement in the mainstream will strengthen President Mahama’s government and bring the confidence that many Ghanaians lack in our leaders of late.
The Young Democrats believe that, when the NDC puts its best materials which are still not in use into strategic positions, all sectors of the economy shall breathe new life and flourish thereby giving our economy a lifeline. And this is not to deny competent young people the appointments they too deserve.
The President must be reminded that his leadership has a tall order to convince Ghanaians that the NDC remains the true social democrats. And hence take divergent views, constructive criticisms and commentaries as the true democrats that we boast of. We have learnt “useful lessons” to tolerate discerning views expressed by some party faithful. Victimization and the derision of some party stalwarts turn to haunt our capacity to cohere as a group and undermine the overall collection of our priceless technocrats and party loyalist that could better serve our country. In spite of victory in the Supreme Court case, President Mahama should not forget he won 2012 election with less than 51%, many of the votes due to sympathy for Atta Mills’ death. Prof Mills will not be available to die again for us in 2016, so we can get some 200,000 more votes to win. With calls for electoral reforms, and NPP eyes very red, vigilance alone on Election Day will not do the trick. President Mahama really needs all hand on deck sooner than later.
As we trust the President to perform this overwhelming task, our salute goes to all Young Democrats, grass-rooters and footsoldiers of the National Democratic Congress for being unwavering during the 8months of the electoral litigation in the face of sacrilegious aspersions cast upon us by partisans of our partners in national development (the opposition). Now that the battle is half won, let us hope that President Mahama listens to our plight and get back in to government the best that the NDC can afford Ghanaians.
Long Live the Great Akatamanso
Long Live President John Mahama
And God Bless Our Homeland Ghana.
By: Justice Dansu Norvor
Young Democrats