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Opinions of Thursday, 10 February 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Mr. President Are You Are Angry?

By: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Prior to his retirement, the ace interviewer Larry King conducted a powerful, insightful interview with the president of the United States of America [U.S.A] Mr. Barack Obama on the popular CNN Larry King Life Show.

In the interview, Mr. Larry King asked president Obama a simple question,”Mr. President are you angry?” The host at that time was getting the reaction of the president following the oil spillage at the Gulf of Mexico which had by then polluted the sea affecting his country so bad.

The opposition party Republicans was using it as propaganda to campaign against his democratic government that he was not doing anything about it. Other citizenry were also reading different meanings into the whole disaster caused by British Petroleum [BP].

So when this ace journalist got the president on his show, he did a wonderful job by asking the president whether he was angry about the trouble caused by BP. Brilliant as the president is, answered the question in a polite manner saying” Of course you know me and when am angry you know and I have every right to be angry because the people of America are suffering from the problem that BP has to solve”.

One may say that question was unnecessary but whoever listened to the president would realize that it put to rest all the political meanings people were reading into the problem as well as indicated to those who were in charge to speed up to solve the problem.

Does the president need to be angry or better still should the president show his anger over issues? Some people are arguing that he should not show his anger since he is the father of the nation and that he has to have a big stomach to contain nonsense pardon my words.

Others are in support of him showing his anger over reported cases of corrupt practices employed by certain people to thwart his efforts of developing the country to become a better Ghana.

No wonder whoever listened to his speech to workers at the harbour during his surprise visit will clearly see that he was angry and yes he did not hide it from them as he confessed in plain words to them,” I am very angry” he said.

Why should everybody point accusing fingers at the president for rot in the security services, health sector, trade and industry, road and transport? Why should people point accusing fingers at the president if they are not being paid correctly by their employers, not getting potable water to drink, students not passing their exams?

What are the ministers designated to those positions to make sure these problems are solved doing? If the people are pointing accusing fingers or running to the president least they have problems then it means the ministers are not up to the task therefore the president needs to be angry but at whom?

On those who are charged to ensure that the system runs smoothly but are deeply buried in corruption. Yes the president can express his anger on them but what about those who are the direct bosses of those people?

Mr. President, just expressing your anger will not solve the corrupt practices at the harbour as a strict warning to officers and men in the blue uniform by their boss IGP Paul Tawiah Quaye went no where until he arrested and prosecuted corrupt officers at Achimota Overpass and Tema Motorway.

We can not see that you are angry and seriously working to uproot corruption in the system unless the axe begins to fall so let it start to fall beginning from Tema Harbour now that you have evidence.

Mr. President are you angry? Let us see it in action there people will sit up otherwise we consider that expression as passive expression.