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Opinions of Friday, 10 January 2014

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

Most Members Of Today’s UCF Would Have Been ....

.... Killed By Col. Odjidja’s Boys If.

The spirit of June 4 can never be chased out of Ghana. The mobilizing force behind it, the dynamic energy of its adherents and the historically proved and tested significance of its impact could help every well meaning and honest government to create a just society in which the welfare of the majority of the people stands supreme – that was J.J. Rawlings addressing a crowd of over 200,000 people on the first Anniversary of June Four Uprising in 1980. Survival in Ghana had not been easy after Rawlings handed over power to Dr. Hilla Limann on 24th September, 1979. Since then, the enemies of all that is progressive in the third world and African governments notably the C.I.A and the British M. 16 who remote controlled Lt. Col. Annor Odjidja who made life very difficult for J.J. Rawlings, the then Chairman of the AFRC who led the June Four Uprising in 1979 and his friends, and all June Four members nationwide through the Ghana Military Intelligence who were tasked to implicate Rawlings, and Capt. (rtd) Kojo Tsikata who once survived a mysterious car accident when his car was crossed by some Military Intelligence operatives. The rest were Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata, Gen. Arnold Quainoo and Corporal Alex Dautey.
The C.I.A incited Col. Odyidya through the M.I to implicate all the above mentioned men in a military training camp affair to enable Limann’s PNP government to arrest them, but it failed. Col. Prince Twumasi Ankrah was the one who master minded that ‘’Black Propoganda’’ against Rawlings and the above gentlemen and all June Four members who were to be shot on sight on the orders of Col. Odjidja. Members of the June Four Movement had to create impressions to be able to survive while at the same time eluding the prying eyes of Col. Odjidja’s MI boys spread all over the country Can today’s power hungry members of the UCF create such impressions to survive? The answer is capital NO.

That was the price Rawlings had to pay for risking his life TO CREATE AWARENESS IN THE GHANAIAN SOCIETY on June 4 1979. Members of today’s United Cadres Front would have been killed like fowls by Col. Odjidja’s Military Intelligence (MI) boys if they were to be in the shoes of June Four Members between September, 24th 1979 – December, 1980. They would have betrayed Rawlings and could not have been able to mobilize Ghanaians to support the 31st December Revolution in 1981 as we did through out the country in just 21/2 years as June Four Cadres.

Most of them can not control their tongues, you can’t confide in such people as they are loose talkers. A good number of them resort to the ‘’Pull Him Down Syndrome’’ ‘’Holier than Thou Attitudes’’ Loud mouths, Confusionists, damn right back biters and okro mouths who feel insecure within both the cadre corps and the NDC as a party in government. All active numbers of the June Four Movement knew about the impending coup of Rawlings through a revolution but we were not given the date. However, today’s UCF members with their morose faces, would have spread the news before it happened, they have turned themselves into rumor mongers, idle gossipers and dishonest opportunists whose eyes are green with envy at the success of their fellow progressive cadres across the country.

To such cadres, they are only visible because the NDC is in power, but they will vanish into thin air when we lost power in 20 years time as they did from 2001 - 2008– mark my words. I will launch a big offensive on such retrogressive cadres who are aimless. It is the duty of cadres to let the YOUTH know where the NDC party came from, where it is going and how it will get there ‘’We are, what we are, because WE DON’T LOVE ONE ANOTHER ‘’ so when a cadre is given an appointment, his fellow cadres would gang up and try to destroy him, leading to his dismissal from that position’’. This was said by a former Regional Organizing Assistant of C.D.R’s in Kumasi during the election of Regional Leaders of the United Cadres Front at the Prempeh Assembly Hall on Friday 22nd November, 2013.

Even though survival had not been easy after Rawlings handed over power to Dr. Limann in 1979, members of the June Four Movement including this writer who was a miner as well as our Military, Police, Civil and public servants and other counterparts managed to outwit the dreaded MI boys of Col. Odjidja and managed to assist Rawlings to launch the 31st December Revolution in 1981. We were very united and we are still very united more than ever since thousands of them are working behind the scenes. They are serving and retired military and police officers, the civil and public service as well as private organizations.
If the party leadership says they would go Bio-metric, cadres must know what it means – but if they get up tomorrow and tell as that there is no money for the party to go Biometric, you must know what that means also.

If the party leadership says they would use the old Electoral College system to conduct Constituency and Regional elections right up to the National level, cadres must know what it means, and when it is expanded via biometric you must know that move too. When we were in opposition from 2001-2008 the party leadership said there was no money we all understood them – but 5 years after coming to power and forming a government you must know what it means when the same leadership are telling us that there is no money to go Biometric and expand the Electoral College of the NDC. Cadres must be abreast with the goings on within the NDC party. I do not want to assume that the Ugly Noises and Backbitings within the United Cadres Front are coming from EMPTY BARRELS FULLY LOADED ONLY WITH AIR.

You see, the task of governing a nation like Ghana is so awesome and complicated that it cannot be a ONE MAN’S BUSINESS.
No one can claim to do it all alone on this earth.

You have to get a team of Patriots, and once the President has appointed them and they are vetted by Parliament – all cadres must throw their weights behind such Ministers. At the District and Municipal levels, once the government appoint a DCE and the District Assembly confirms him/her after the voting, all cadres must throw their weights again behind such DCE’s who are the representatives at the District levels to deliver and that is the spirit of the June 4 and 31st December revolutions.

Never allow yourselves to be used by any person or group of persons to destroy the hardworking reputation of any top party officials or MMDCE’s in return for peanuts – if you do that, it means you are rather destroying the party as well as the ruling government and not those individual appointees.

Anytime I decide to write, I always remind people that it is NOT JUST THE ONE PERSONALITY ELECTED AS PRESIDENT no matter how good that person may be, because you need to know WHO ARE TRULY WITH YOU.

The Presidency is not a throne you Ascend. It is the People’s Seat and you do not get to it by birth. You only get to it by campaigning and convincing the people that when they entrust you with the responsibility, you will deliver, and so anybody with the right to vote CARRIES some of the POWER you will need and you have to convince them to vote for you and not to threaten and intimidate them with DEATH if they refuse to vote for you as Nana Akuffo Addo, the flag bearer of the violent prone NPP told Ghanaians and lost the 2008 and 2012 general elections. He became dazed and rushed to the Supreme Court and lost again, feeling ashamed he flew to London to cool off. Let the NPP bring him back in 2016 and the NDC will not waste anytime to campaign since he will be a walkover by President Mahama who used only 40days to campaign and beat Nana Akuffo Addo who rather spent 3years threatening Ghanaians with his infamous ‘’All die be die mantra’’ and ‘’Free SHS’’ message even though he new very well that education can never be free as he made Ghanaians to believe.

My rich advice to all floating voters is that you should find a party to join – You cannot say that all the political parties are bad, and that political party you should join should be the great NDC of course. I beg to drop my Bic here. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!