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Opinions of Monday, 14 December 2015

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

More on Goebbels and a barge

Send a wife to Turkey to go and commission. Fly all friendly journalists, most of them of the rented press, to cover it. Blow the trumpets to herald the arrival of a barge. And all the fuss is over an ordinary power generator. Poor Turkey, that motherland is unwittingly being turned into turkey in the eyes of my compatriots by congress misdeed, as in the stolen gold, presidential brother private jet trips and phony barges.

It is just enacting the Goebbels principle of make the unreal seem the actual. Make a mere genset called barge seem like the whole Akosombo hydro powerhouse.

Continue harping that and all your energy problems would be swept away. We live to see our energy problem permanently fixed in mediocrity by barging incompetence. Pay more for less has always guided congress energy policy. How many times have they not increased the electricity tariff. And how many times have they not deceived us that each increment would phantomly lead to improvement in supply. They even boast they are doing bold things with the tariff increases. PURC has no business defending a corrupt incompetent government; that caricatures its wish to be seen as independent. PURC cannot tell any of my compatriots that a government which created, looted and shared $750 million judgment debt payment in two years has nothing to do with increased utility tariffs.

Tariffs paid form part of public revenue for as long as the recipient is a publicly funded utility organisation.

To contract a genset and make it seem like Akosombo is incompetence. It is a giant lie which would expose the contractor’s incompetence. And it is a goebbellan lie that is waiting to be exposed in the near future. This time around, we are not going to forget when Akufo-Addo brings energy redemption.

PURC, please, this is not how to be on the customers’ side. We would have been better off in the past if we had been told how much little improvement we could have expected based on the little increases the tariff was subjected to. Not to have been smart to do that, in this era of incompetence everywhere in the executive state, is costing us this forever increases in electricity tariff without ever improvement in supply.

Many of my compatriots are saying and feeling the electricity tariff increase is a punishment for us have-nots in the motherland. I wonder if PURC ever heard something like that from my compatriots they claim to have consulted and in whose interest they strangely claim to be increasing the tariff.

The claim is making the PURC movement around the motherland sound like junketing. Led incompetently by an incompetent executive, PURC seems to be struggling for competence.

It reminds me well that the congress penchant for lying goes way back. Way, way back in 1986, when doubts were being cast over a sweeping JSS education reform, the then congress chief of staff came on television to tell that huge lie that those who completed JSS would be ready for the job market.

He and all his congress officials knew then they wouldn’t be able to equip the schools with the needed workshops and tools for the hands-on training they were attributing to the new educational programme.

They lied and today we are experiencing the schooling without employable skills. Virtually three score years on, today, show me just one, one only junior high school that or adequately equipped to prepare one person who completes it ready for the job market.

Indeed, some of my compatriots may have short memory some of the time. However, it will never happen that all my compatriots will have short memory all the time.

I can’t wait for election 2016 to show that majority of my compatriots have long memory all the time and that it is only a minority of my compatriots who have short memory only for a long time. Strangely, I have just discovered something some of you my compatriots would know already. Dums? actually worked positively. After several unsuccessful attempts to load some units onto my sim, I switched the phone off (dum) and then switched it back on (s?). Voila aa; I loaded with no sweat. That is a painlessly seeming dums? pain.

Then I thought that is how congress has ended up destroying the motherland with their thinking and doing that it cannot be wholly bad. In their incompetence they look for tiny positives in an avalanche of negative and goebbally project the tiny as the best thing that ever happened to the motherland. To their warped thinking, dums? has created a booming generator industry. That is why their procuring of a temporary barge, stop-gap electricity genset is hailed by them the congresspeople and their praise singers as an achievement.