Feature Article of Saturday, 1 September 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

President Mahama Is A Class(crass) Elitist Bigot

A lot of Ghanaians don't know who John Mahama is despite his three and half years as the Vice-President and this man has three months to market himself. As Politician who wants to be President, he will bombard us about the positive things done by NDC and will personally extol about his humility and respect for others but if his book, "My first coup De'tat" which is more of a biography about his life and political beliefs, then Mahama is a dangerous man Ghana should avoid like a plague. This man has an Elitist ideas and a bigot to boot. This is a book Mahama will not talk about in his campaigning and it is incumbent on the opposition parties to use the book to define him. A man who thinks the death of President Mills was a God blessing to hand over the mantle of leadership to a 'young man' like him is a dangerous man. I will quote a piece from his book, "My First Coup De'tat' and talk about it and let readers form their own opinion about him.

"It was at Achimota and the boy’s name was Ezra. Ezra, the tormentor, was two years older, very muscular and the tallest of 10 boys in the dormitory. Ezra looked like “one of the men we sometimes saw on the campus grounds clearing the underbush with long, slightly curved cutlass. Their skin, which was blacker even than a starless sky at midnight, would be glistening with sweat. I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that his father was a farmer, though I would have guessed that it was an animal farm and not a cocoa farmer, because Ezra looked as though he had been born, raised, and fed in much the same way as livestock. “His father, though uneducated, had a made a lot of money for himself. He wanted his son to attend Achimota, the school where the doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other members of the upper echelon sent their kids. With good reason: Ezra was a bush boy; he was tactless and uncouth."

That is how John Mahama looks down on others whose fathers did not have the privilege his father had in stealing Ghana's money to educate him. Is this the man NDC has christened "AHOBRASE3HENE" Where is Mahama's humility when he describes somebody as a bush boy when he was a Vice President? Couldn't Mahama has been a little bit diplomatic even if Ezra was that bad? Most of us attended school in Ghana and whether it was secondary school or Elementary school, we all encountered bullies like Ezra and if Mahama thinks his privilege oligarchic upbringing should not have brought him in contact with a farmers son he calls a bush boy, then he has a lot coming because the farmers son and those labourers he derided as blacker even than a starless sky at midnight will show this Elitist Mahama that, he is not qualified to rule Ghana where there are more people without the privilege upbringing he had than his privilege class.

Is this the same man NDC is touting as God appointed? How can God appoint somebody who looks down on others like they are not human beings? Mahama's father, E.A Mahama aquired his wealth when President Kwame Nkrumah appointed him as a Minister and used his position to marry many women , father many children and stole enough to have six private cars in the 60's and instead of this man John Mahama showing humility, he thinks Ghana owes him the Presidency. It is not going to happen with his attitude that his privilege upbringing is a right to become President.

The phantom dove might have settled on his shoulder because this 54 year agile youth has white hair and the dove might have thought that was maize to be eaten. The NDC divinity playing tricks to adumbrate and bamboozle Ghanaians into thinking that God has sent a dove as a sign of Mahama's coronation as a President is not going to work. My God is a peaceful God and will not crown a man with such thoughts in his brains and a heartless soul who looks down on less privilege people as bush people to become President of Ghana. Mahama's "NKRAMAN AHOBRASE3" is not going to fool a whole lot of people. We already know about his immoral behaviour having fathered many children estimated as high as nineteen(19) with seven women he was not married to. Ghana cannot afford to have a President with bankcrupt immoral behaviour, corrupt to the bone and have shown his disdain for the poor in society with his class bigotry. One of the respected contributors in the forum, Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK has this to say about Mahama's sophomoric and soporific vituperations about Ezra.

"The description of Ezra by Mahama in his book and as quoted by Gabby is very disappointing. Even if those incidents were true, I expected the then Vice-President not to be that candid but dipolamatic. I agree with Gabby that Mahama's description of Ezra's father as a farmer and Ezra as a bush boy is unacceptable and an insult to farmers. I did not expect a politician of his stature to use such language in a book. To say the least, Vice-President, now President Mahama was disrespectful to farmer and he should apologise to farmers."

This is a disgrace to Ghana to have a President with a view about other people who due to no fault of theirs were not born into his oligarchic background. Despite all the privilege that was bestowed on this spoiled braggart, he is a member of a government that can best be described as kakistocracy like a chicken with its head cut off. With People like Asiedu Nketia and lover of wearing woman hats like Dr. Kwabena Adgyei controlling him having coronated him, Ghana will be on a bumpy rough road if the electorates make a mistake and vote John Mahama into office as the next President. The farmers and labourers who sweat to put food on the table and whose taxes provide free education for some of the children he has fathered will have their poetic justice on December 7th 2012 by showing him their thumb power.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas