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Opinions of Sunday, 3 October 2010

Columnist: Adreba

Mills is a Stone Age Mentality President

I had the patience listening to mutate nomine Anita de Sotto on Adom FM this morning 1st Oct. 2010 bemusing herself in defence of Mills with shock that the president had decried the use of Ghana national flag in welcoming, identifying and recognising His Excellency J A Kufuor, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Hon Jake Obetsebi Lamptey in Germany at the invitation of a German organisation which involved attendance by the German Chancellor. Instead of condemning Mills for his naivety and infantile snobbery of such high Ghanaian dignitaries imbued with national pride, Ms de Sotto, out of sycophancy condones with President Mills with such Stone Age mentality and even further decorates him in undeserving colours such as disciplined, hard working, accountable and as Prof Fix-it.

At least, Anita has lived in the UK for some years and I thought she would live her age and political experiences, unless probably she is convincing the world that she is still stuck in the political wilderness of the pridian years. May I authoritatively point out to Mills that in civilised democracies every Political Party hoists and decorates their meeting venues principally with their national flag. This is usually significant in civilised and advanced democracies like the United States, Canada, Germany, France and the UK.

It must also be realised by such claustral ignorant divisionists NDC stalwarts that the invitation of these high Ghanaian dignitaries to Germany bestows honour and recognition to Ghana not on the Party they belong to. These NPP dignitaries are showing the way for the rather wayward ignorant Neo-Nazi divisionists that promoting Ghana and Ghana’s image abroad is not the responsibility of only the ruling executives but a responsibility of a well-meaning Ghanaians. President Mills must therefore reason, behave and talk in the manner becoming of a well cultured Ghanaian scholar and President with irenical tendencies and not as a remote-controlled irate Tartuffe.

Secondly, these are self made men of honour that the NDC can ever hardly have to pride themselves with. They are so disciplined that none of them will ever pose incognito as Paul Gyamfi for whatever reason because these are men of dignity who import pride, recognition, grace and honour to Ghanaians. These men speak well of Ghana wherever they go irrespective of whether in government or in opposition, irrespective of Ghana’s circumstances whether dire rosy, unlike he who proclaims cynicism about the Ghana they have bashed over a period of continuous nineteen years.

Ken Kuranchi gave Ms de Sotto her very desert answers with eutrapelia regarding Mills’ decorations in undeserved borrowed robes such as disciplined, hard working, accountable and as Prof Fix-it, however I’ll add just a few. On discipline, I don’t think Ms de Sotto and her ilk know and understand what it means to be disciplined. How does a self-disciplined man commit adultery evidenced by a lad sired by him out of wedlock? Do we call this a disciplined man? Has he been able to discipline his mad dogs in the NDC?

At 66 years and a supposed Professor of law, how many books has he written? Mills is inherently lazy and the evidence is there for every reasonable and discerning Ghanaian to see. I would however acknowledge him as hard working philanderer and dipsomaniac who has no time to sit and write books for academic use. It is most probable that he can only plagiarise work due to laziness but unable to sit and compose by himself.

Referring to John Mills as accountable and a fix-it father and politician is just ridiculous. May I ask if after his adulterous relation that begot him his only son ever, he has been able to fix his consanguine son as a member of his household? Is he not the same Mills who together with Dufuor who served as the economic management team that botched Ghana’s economy under NDC between 1996 and 2000? Is maxing out Ghana’s future credit facilities with international agencies by contracting a total of US$28 billion loan within 638 days in office a President who is really fixing it? Anita de Sotto must grow and advise Mills to wake up from his Stone Age political mentality and leap into 21st century civilised political culture that will move Ghana forward in unity.

Adreba (London UK)