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Opinions of Saturday, 15 May 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Mills' Weakness Exposed by Alex Segbefia & Carl Wilson's Car Stealing

The victims of Alex Segbefia, that dishonourable Deputy Chief of Staff, and Carl Wilson, were admonished in one of my published articles to contact me for assistance. Unfortunately, none of them for various reasons only best known to themselves did bother to contact me. Be that as it, should I hurry into concluding that they did actually steal the confiscated cars according as proclaimed by Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson? No, I will not as their continuous displayed interests in posh cars, coupled with their avowed determination to deprive their owners of such cars make these two notorious guys daring criminals. In the absence of any material proof in hand relating to the illegal confiscation of cars by the outfit of my once fellow Londoner, Dishonourable Alex Segbefia, there is almost practically nothing I can do to help the victims of his car-seizing spree. However, on a kind note, I will direct the victims as to what they may do but not as how I would have gone about it.

I am beginning to believe the information filtering through to my desk. It is being alleged that the "supposed" slow but sure, who is but "slow and slow through", His Excellency President "Asomdwehene" Evans Fifii Atta Mills, has given these two mentioned criminals his blessings to do whatever is possible within their capability to raise funds for his 2012 Presidential election campaign. Was this not true, how then would President Mills be that nonchalant while his supposed squeaky clean reputation is being soiled by Alex Segbefia, Carl Wilson and Col. Gbevlo- Lartey (rtd)? These guys are like pigs who just after being washed quickly return to their pigsty to wallow in their own shit. They know no shame. Should this be the case, then I will accuse President Mills of preaching his nonsensical "Asomdwe" virtues in public at day time, while practicing vices in the cover of darkness. I don't blame him that much, as unhealthy as he is. I will rather blame his advisors, the Council of State and his Vice President. Why should they sit on their bloody arse while these shameless official crooks toy with people's lives and properties, knowing very well that Mr. Mills' health may not permit him to conduct his duties as responsibly as it should? They are failing to lend him the very hand for which they were appointed.

Anyway, Mr. Mills should not anticipate winning any further elections in future. He had better concentrate on making a good name for himself now. He will be a one-term President as long as he has completely lost his political directional bearings. He seems to be groping in a political wilderness where abound predators like Alex Segbefia, Carl Wilson, Gbevlo-Lartey, Lady "Macbeth" Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings. President Mills is a goner, come 2010.

How on earth should Alex Segbefia continue to exonerate Carl Wilson of any blame when all Ghanaians, including media houses, were trumpeting on top of the mountains, shouting their voices hoarse, that Carl Wilson was scandalously impounding other people's cars? Alex Segbefia, my fellow but dishonourable Londoner, disgracefully defended him to the hilt and would have even volunteered to sacrifice his own life on the altar in defence of Carl Wilson. He continued to take all Ghanaians for fools even in the circumstance of the evidence pointing to the contrary. It only took the usual lawless NDC Foot-soldiers to awaken President Mills from his slumber to give the ardent thief the sack. Hardly had he been kicked out of his post or unceremoniously relieved of his post when Gbevlo-Lartey reassigned him to duties having once more to do with checking and seizing cars. "Haba", Atta Mills wake up as these truants are sabotaging your office unless truly, you have asked them to procure you funding for your 2012 election campaign as alleged.

Mr. Mills has either for unknown or stupid reasons surrounded himself with "ayigbefo", (only for reference without intentions of tribalism) who are but undermining him big time. He had hoped to use them as a buffer against those unnecessary verbal attacks on him by Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings. Unsuspecting is Atta Mills that these are the very people who are incurring the wrath of the Ghanaian pubic upon his head. They are complete saboteurs who would rather have their kind in power hence the silly undertakings by Alex Segbefia, Carl Wilson and Gbevlo-Lartey. What business has Carl Wilson doing at the Tema Harbour again? Atta Mills, please wake up to your duties as you are permanently being slow on policy onto death. Sack Alex Segbefia, that so-called London lawyer but who has never worked as any successful practicing barrister or solicitor. I hate his guts. As an Indian work-colleague often says about those he suspects of stealing, "He is a big big Thief man", so is Carl Wilson and his employers.

Car Wilson has got his personalized computer software that detects stolen cars on board Ghana-bound ships. He then prepares the ground for their seizure long before the ship berths at Tema or Takoradi harbour. Once these "supposed" stolen cars are impounded, President Mills does not have the least decency to return them to their owners in the originating countries. He rather arranges to dish them out to his NDC fellows either for free or at a pittance. Shame on Mr. "Go Slow", the President. The brutish way Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson go about seizing cars is amazing. Alex Segbefia is on record to have misconducted himself at his Castle's office recently. He engaged in pugilism with a woman friend he had made a dupe of GHC 5,000. He promised the woman an expensive car at that price. Where was he going to get the car from? He was surely going to seize someone's shipped car from Tema harbour with the usual bastardizing excuse of the car having been stolen from abroad by its importer. Would he have paid the exact money as collected from the woman into the government's chest or the Atta Mills' election campaign chest? Would he have remitted the money to whom the car was stolen from abroad if he had been able to procure the woman a car as promised? Surely, he would have kept the money to himself. This is how "a big big thief man" Alex Segbefia is.

Why should Carl Wilson go back to the Tema Harbour in an attempt to check and retrieve some confiscated cars? What right has that blockhead called Gbevlo to send Carl Wilson back to the harbour to work on the very assignment from which he has disgracefully been fired by President Atta Mills? Is Gbevlo's action not amounting to sabotaging President Mills' authority? I thank God that Carl Wilson was bashed at the Tema port by fellow security operatives. It serves that thief right! Has President Mills sooner forgotten that playful remark, "Dede ba ne Daavi ba won nyinaa ye Krobofo?" - "the child of Dede and that of Daavi are both Krobos". This means both persons exhibit same attitudes, share same aspirations and selfishly protect the interest of one another or are unrelenting keepers of one another.

I have more questions than answers for President Mills. Mr President, is it true that Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson were/are helping you to build up a 2012 election campaign chest? I understand you have fallen out with Former President Rawlings who has avowed never to select you let alone, fund your 2012 election campaign. Is this true? Is confiscating cars and disposing of them at pittance help generate enough funds for your 2012 election campaign? How much money have you so far raised from the confiscated cars and where do you keep the money? Is it right to sell or auction stolen cars only for your NDC government to pocket the money or it should be returned to that person(s) abroad from whom the car(s) was/were stolen? Is right to refuse the Ghanaian whose car has been confiscated a Seizure/Confiscation note/certificate? Is it right not to establish contact with the overseas person(s) or the car dealership from whom a car is purported to have been stolen but to keep quiet, sell the car and Atta Mills or Ghana keep the money? Are Ghanaians not by that measure of keeping the money becoming thieves in a broader sense? Is the NDC government that desperate to satisfy their party faithfuls through stealing cars from people? Let me reserve some of the questions for my future articles where the underhand dealings of the rouges calling themselves Castle boys will be exposed. What a shame to find Al Wahab's seized car washed and parked in a presidential bay at the Castle. What was it doing there? Does Atta Mills now ride in a stolen car? Is Ghana that poor for its President only to ride in a confiscated car? Mr. President, please stop making a mockery of yourself. This pretence of low life of yours is disgusting. Your party boys are living big at the expense of Ghanaians and you in particular.

Now most Ghanaian car importers have either stopped completely or curtailed their importation. This has made it difficult for the Custom officers at our harbours to meet their annual revenue targets. The Custom officers' failure to meet their anticipated revenue targets owing to the organized official thievery spearheaded by Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson under the watch of President Mills' amounts to causing financial loss to the State. Those involved will be held responsible in future.

Those whose genuine cars have been confiscated by that gang of criminals with Alex Segbefia as its head should do as following, though not the radical way I intended going about it to ridicule Mr. Mills. * Get all your documentations ready. * Arrange to get a letter from that overseas person from whom the car was purchased as a second supporting proof. * Get a document from the Port of debarkation, thus the custom officers at Tema/Takoradi harbour proving that your car did actually arrive but gone probably missing or confiscated * I understand very well that Carl Wilson blatantly refused his victims any covering letter to the effect of their cars being seized. This is clear indication of how dubious and nefarious the whole exercise he executed had/has been. This is why you need a proof that the car did actually arrive at the Tema/Takoradi Harbour * Once all these documents are ready, make several photocopies of them. * Write a petition letter to His Excellency President Atta Mills, stating how you have been robbed of your property by Alex Segbefia/Carl Wilson with copies of the assembled documentation. * In the letter to the President, indicate how much the car was bought, in which country it was bought, and from whom it was bought. * Describe the hardships, stress, humiliation and any other inconveniences you have suffered due to the wrongful seizure of your car. Describe the relentless efforts made but all in vain to get your car released to you. I would be glad to write such a letter should a request be made to me. * Copy in (Cc) the Speaker of Parliament, the Majority Leader of Parliament, the Minority Leader of Parliament, the Chief Justice of Ghana, the Attorney General, any reputable media houses in Ghana and especially, the person from whom the car was purchased. * In the letter state a time limit within which you expect to read/hear from the President at the expiry of which you will advise yourself about further action to take. Also do state in the letter that you will welcome any useful directions from any of the recipients. * Send out the letters with copies of the documentation attached to the various mentioned persons or offices. * To ensure the letters do reach their various destinations without tampering, deliver them by hand and whoever takes them should sign for it or give you a receipt. Or, send the letter by a special recorded delivery if that facility exists within the Ghana postal system. You have to make sure the addressees; especially the President does receive the letter. * The reply from the President, whether it is positive or negative, would do the trick. I am sorry I cannot advise you any further as I don't want the thieving gang to see how I can cause them irreparable damage because of their actions for embarking on reckless car-seizing spree. President Mills could be ridiculed internationally if I had got even a single person who has been robbed of his car to contact me.

President Mills, act now to stop the wrongful seizure of cars before you are caused the irredeemable embarrassment of your life. Surely, you are not in control of your government or else what we are seeing under your watch wouldn't happen. How come that you sack someone from his post, ban him from an area but only to see him there the following day carrying out the very duties for which he has got the sack? If that does not mean an undermining of authority to you then I wouldn't know what else will.

If my car had been seized in the manner that other fellow Ghanaians' have, I would have acted and got it back at the crack of the finger. I know how to go about it. Will I tell how in this article? No! It should remain my secret weapon only to be divulged to genuine victims.

May I advise President Mills to refund the money got from the auction of the supposed stolen cars to those overseas persons or companies from whom they were stolen, if they were at all? I am sure my squeaky clean President is not about to tarnish his own hard earned reputation by becoming a partaker in the unholy activities of Alex Segbefia and Carl Wilson. Fire Alex Segbefia before he gets your reputation irreparably stalled in the mud.

Finally, President Atta Mills should be very careful about those he surrounds himself with. They are not all angels as he thinks. They have their various secret agendas. They are complete saboteurs and nation wreckers. "All that glitters is not gold". Yes Alex Segbefia did raise funds to help the NDC's successful 2008 election campaign. Does that mean he should be given a leeway to recuperate any money spent during the election by seizing fellow Ghanaian's cars at whim? The money was not from his pocket but contributions from other NDC guys of all shapes of character.

"A word to the wise is sufficient". I will finally advise President Mills to keep eye on the pretentious persons he surrounds himself with. "Beware the ides of March", Caesar was told, but ignored it, and suffered the fatal consequence.

Rockson Adofo