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Opinions of Sunday, 22 August 2010

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Mills Supports Judges Cleansing

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Date: 20-Aug-2010

An aide to President John Evans Atta Mills, Nii Lantey Vanderpuije has told Citi FM that the president fully supports comments by NDC party Chairman Kwabena Adjei that the government will intervene and “clean the judiciary”, if the Chief Justice fails to fight what he sees as growing rot within the judiciary.

Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, an aide to President John Evans Atta Mills, has told PeaceFM News in an interview that the president once told the judiciary the same thing Dr. Kwabena Adjei said ." ______________________________________________________________________________

This is really scary if what the Presidential aide said is the policy of this weak President. The problem we have here is that, there is a vacuum at the Presidency because it seems like Ghana has a President in name only, President Mills is missing in action. There seems to be a lot of freelancing going on in this administration from the deputy ministerial level to the Chief of staff at the castle, everybody can get up any day and say whatever they want without any fear of paying a price for their stupidities because this President is not even respected by his own staff.

Did Nii Vanderpuije consult the President at his vacation hospital bed in USA before issuing this nonsense? The same day this idiot spoke for President Mills, he came back with another Mills take on this issue but this time, this idiot tried to back peddle from his earlier effusions.

"Prez Mills Backs “Some And Not All” Of What NDC Chair Said - Lantey Vanderpuije

Date: 20-Aug-2010

According to him, during a swearing-in of some of judges a few months ago at the Castle, President Mills told the judges that people are losing confidence in them so they should do their best to fill the loopholes within the judicial system. To him, this statement forms the basis of Dr. Kwabena Adjei’s remarks, but not necessarily killing judges and lawyers physically."

REALLY? THEN TELL US HOW Kwabena Adjei intends to kill cats differently. I like what the first respondant to this Nii Vanderpuije nonsense wrote;

"Unumi Bununya a.k.a Teteman Boy

Doesn't the Prez have the mouth to talk or has he suddenly become "mumu"? What the heck is going on here? Prez Mills should resign his position if he is tired of being the head of state. The Prez by his silence is gradually plunging the nation into a crisis. It does not only a gun to kill. The mouth can do worse and irreparable damage. Aba, Prez Mills, you too talk small.

Date: 2010-08-20 23:34:45"

SIR TETEMAN, I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER THAN WHAT YOU DID. This President by his inactions to a lot of issues is abdicating his responsibilities to Ghanaians. How long is this President going to wait before putting his foot down and call his wayward ministers, party honchos and their idiotic foot(fool) soldiers to order? The problem in the country is lack of leadership because no matter how I don't like Rawlings, I know he was feared and respected by his Party members and Ghanaians as a whole and no Minister or Presidential aide would have dare to issue statements for him without first consulting him and President Kuffour too would have clamped down on these wayward idiots.

The reactions of some of the NDC scribes to the Kwabena Adjei's spastic rantings and the brouhaha that followed is very scary and shows how Ghana is now divided between intelligent people on one side and idiots who have found their way to the corridors of power. When you hear people like Okudzeto Ablakwa, Hanna Bisiw, Afiriyie Ankra, Boama, Quashiga, Agyenim Boateng and a slew of their wet behind the ears greenhorns, you chalk it to the shelf as stupidities coming from inexperienced foot soldiers trying to impress the President, but when old farts like E.T Mensah, Tony Aidoo and Asiedu Nketia wades in with stupidities, then Ghanaians have to worry because this Party has a history of killing Judges and Journalists who fail to tow the NDC line. "Is NDC’s National Chairman “In His Right Senses…?” - Okudzeto

The above was part of reaction by former President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) and a leading member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Samuel Okudjeto. There is an infectious disease that has descended at the headquarters of the ruling Party NDC, and Ghanaians ought to be afraid, I mean, VERY VERY AFRAID. Since last week friday, August 13th, E.T Mensah, Okudzeto Ablakwa, General Nunoo Mensah and other NDC HONCHOS have uttered stupidities that seems to have come from Psychiatry patients from Ankaful. Dr Kwabena Agyei, the gerent of the NDC and an Asiedu Nketia, (General Mosquito) 'twin brother' threatened to do something about the Judiciary if the Chief Justice failed to clean her outfit of Judges who fail to convict NPP accused honchos.

Now here comes the former palmwine tapper who sound and look like he might have been consuming too much of his "NSA FUFUO" at his village.Responding to calls made by NPP leadership for the arrest of Kwabena Adjei of what they perceive to be a crime of treason'

"Mr. Asiedu Nketia pointed out that the NDC National Chairman “did not make those statements on his own accord; but had the fullest backing of the party.

Reacting to the call by the Minority that the Police should effect the immediate arrest of and prosecute Dr. Kwabena Adjei for comments amounting to “treason” and a coup of the judiciary, the outspoken NDC Chief Scribe in an interview with PeaceFM News@6pm, sardonically asked “don’t the Minority know the route to the police station? Or is the airwaves the medium for asking the police to cause the arrest of someone who allegedly commits an offence?” “…all those from the Minority asking for the arrest of Dr. Kwabena Adjei, should go ahead and report to the police;...don’t they know the path to the police station? If they believe what he said is against the law, they should formally go and write a statement at the police station to arrest him, and then we shall know whether the statements he made were sound,” Mr. Asiedu Nketia said.

General Mosquito, as the NDC General Secretary is affectionately called, lashed out at the Ashanti Regional Branch of the Ghana Bar Association for embarking on a strike action over Dr. Kwabena Adjei’s statement, saying “their hypocrisy has found them out” “…It’s their own palaver… their hypocrisy has found them out…About a year ago, the GBA President made some pronouncements which were deemed to be political and not in favour of the ruling party (the NPP)…the GBA met and even asked him to resign…they vowed not to comment on issues bordering on politics in the country again and went on a political hibernation…how come all of a sudden, with the NPP out of power (and a new gov’t in place) they’ve found their voice and ended their political leave by going on strike action against the NDC? They should go on and never stop with their strike action…They should go to hell and stay there forever,” he added."

Am I wrong to assume this skeleton called General mosquito might have been drinking too much palmwine or he is on crack cocaine? How can a leader of a major political party spew such sophomoric vituperations as if he was sitting at palmwine drinking place? How are our children supposed to learn from fools who are intoxicated with power they don't care what words come out of their mouths? NDCians have to be careful because tomorrow they might be out of power and might not be lucky to have a gentle giant President like Kuffour who treated them with kid gloves

It seems like Kwabena Adgei, looking famish like a Somalian hunger striken indigent is yeuking for war and ready to break our country apart with his fantod idiocy when he threatened the Chief Justice during her interaction with Richard Sky of Citifm. When the host of the program asked him how he intends to clean the judiciary, he retorted that, there are many ways to kill a cat. Folks, that is scary, I bet Kwabena Adgei having stolen many cats for his dinner really know different ways to kill a cat indeed. Is he going to bring Amedeka back to continue abducting Judges, killing them and setting their bodies ablaze?

With all jokes aside, we should take his terroristic threat seriously and if the security Agencies in Ghana are worth their salt, at least BNI should invite Kwabena 'the walking cassava stick' Adgei and put him on notice that, if what happened in 1982 during his P/NDC rule rear its ugly head again and any Judge is harmed in any way, he Kwabena the failed copier machine clerk fool will have his skinny self thrown into jail. We Ghanaians are not going to allow the NDC to continue killing Judges anymore because their rulings fail to meet their desires. The days of the NDC murdering inferno is not going to be tolerated and Ghanaians will put any idiot who harms a Judge on a stake and mete out our jungle justice as we do to armed robbers and pick pockets.

As Lawyer Sam Okudzeto said, the stupid utterances by these NDC blabbermouths can affect how the outside world perceives us.

“…it could be possible Mr. Adjei was unaware of the respect international communities give to Ghana…Such utterances by the (NDC) chairman can frighten away possible investors,…such an action (inferably) means that if you win a case against government the “government will clean the judiciary,” Mr. Okudjeto said.

“…such a reaction has the tendency to subvert the very constitution which formed the basis for our Executive, Parliament (Legislature) and Judiciary,” Lawyer Okudjeto said."

The past week witnessed some of the most stupidities ever to come from one group of people in one party. It started with E.T Mensah suggesting that, NDC should print what Gizelle Yadze, the Syrian whore who is still propagating his fraud to NDC about having had twins with former President Kuffour and sending their foot soldiers to every part of Ghana distributing what this donkey rider said about the former President. Is E.T Mensah going to employ his fool soldiers to do this on government expense or NDC is going to pay for that? Ghana is fraught with myriad of social and economic problems that need the attention of this Mills administration but that is not important to barber turned Minister E.T Mensah with his bleached face and railway marks around his mouth to come up with a better idea than tarnishing the image of Kuffour. He should not forget to print the story about Mills philandering too.

As if E.T Mensah has not done enough already on the Yadzi issue, Brigadier Nunoo Mensah waded in too and told the whole world that, he will mobalize the whole Army, the Police and all security agencies to protect Gizelle Yadzi after this whore demanded security from the government if she has to make a grand appearance in Ghana with her phantom twins. Brigadier Nunoo Mensah assured this lady that, he will provide her with security that has never been seen in Ghana and even the security that was provided to President Obama compared to what he intends to provide this Syrian hag will be like a childs play.

Ghanaians, these are the 'wise' men you have ruling the country. I hope those who voted for NDC are happy for imposing these fools masquerading as seasoned Politicians on us.


Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas

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