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Opinions of Thursday, 16 August 2012

Columnist: Dotse, Newman

Mills’ Last Words To JJ

By Newman Dotse

The late President Mills’ last words to former President Jerry John Rawlings at the Castle when the former president visited him to see how he was faring on his return from a medical checkup in the United States of America is worth analyzing to arrive at how the two good friends were separated from each other.
Former President Rawlings’ last visit to the Castle threw the late President Mills into complete ecstasy as he was looking for an opportunity to sit with him again as they used to.
When the late President Mills got wind of the presence of the former President Rawlings, he rushed out of his office and said to him, “Thank God you are here! I am very happy to see you!! I will sit by you!!!” So he did sit by the former President Rawlings, his political Godfather as they exchange pleasantries.
The late President’s attitude towards former President Rawlings shows clearly that it has been his ambition to meet with former President Rawlings his long time friend but was prevented from doing so by the people around him who see the former president as an obstacle to their looting ambition.
Anytime the late President Mills try to meet Rawlings, these people through their agents in the NDC do strange things to put the followers of the two friends into confusion to thwart his plan until former president Rawlings thought it wise to go and see how he was faring.
Alhaji Bature and his Naïveté:
This writer was so shocked when he heard Alhaji Bature, the Managing editor of the Alhaj Newspaper on radio condemning former President Rawlings for commenting on the death of the late President Mills in an interview with BBC correspondent in Congo.
Alhaji Bature attacked former president Rawlings for saying that, should the late president Mills listened to advice; he would have lived a little longer. “Has the former president Rawlings advised the late President Mills before he refused to listen?” Bature asked.
One thing that Bature has forgotten was that, prior to the 2006 primaries of the NDC, some party members sent text messages to the former President Rawlings claiming that the late president Mills was not healthy enough for the race hence he should be advised to step down and have time for himself. Former president Rawlings never concealed these messages. He forwarded them to him, asking him whether what the people were saying was true. Astonishingly, the late president Mills said he was strong enough to do the job hence former president Rawlings had no alternative than to keep quiet.
Unfortunately, when his condition became worse, instead of the people around him advising him to step down, handover to his vice and have time for himself, they were rather giving him fake hope, pushing him to continue. He was even cajoled to sign certain documents when everything was clear that his condition was growing worse. The question now is; who is to blame for what happened?

Source: The Citizen Newspaper ( +233 27 731 4655