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Opinions of Sunday, 10 January 2010

Columnist: Ahiagbah, Richard K.

Mills At One

Twelve months into the Mills administration, the alarm bells have started ringing and its critics have readied themselves with their appraisal on how well the administration did. The summation of the opposition NPP’s verdict is a blanket under performance. One can only disagree with the accuracy of their judgment, to appreciate the critical role they occupy in the overall effort to govern the country.

It is obvious that the government cannot claim a perfect one year in economic terms, the chief challenge of the people. A litany of scandals and allegations saddling the administration, scores President Mills as a weak and an ineffective leader.

President Mills’ lack of passion and sternness is deafening considering how long and hard he fought to attain the Presidency. The President’s response to the question whether or not all his ministers had declared their assets, betrays leadership and commitment to fighting corruption in his administration. Given the fact that he had declared his own assets, allows him the leverage to demand same of his cabinet and key government functionaries.

The government is yet to execute any major policy towards addressing the economic plight of Ghanaians. It is not befitting of the President’s own personal capabilities to flag the mediocre boost to SFP, decapitation grant, the expansion of youth in agriculture or reducing the number of sector ministers as a milestone in his first year. The administration is capable of doing more if the President and his handlers, can enkindle the passion displayed in the presidential campaign and structure their priority vis-à-vis the manifest needs of Ghanaians- the economy.

As a people we should unite moving forward, to demand of our governments to account for their stewardship regardless of our political affiliations. The spoils of that unity will ultimately serve to enrich our democracy.