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Opinions of Thursday, 20 January 2011

Columnist: Acheamfour, Baah

Mill Misplaces his campaign manisfesto.



BY: Baah Acheamfour.

It is announced to the general public that the President
John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills aka Enko yie has unfortunately misplaced his
campaign manifesto booklet which has resulted into a complete forgetfulness of
all the promises given to Ghanaians during his bid to becoming the president of
our dear nation, Ghana.

I therefore appeal to the public that anyone who knows the
where about of the said booklet should report to the office of the National
Department of Complaint (NDC) Headquarters, Accra for the following rewards;
Hampers, Khebab, Pampers, Cat and Corruption.

Ghanaians would bare me witness that if the President had
not lost this booklet, he might have done extremely different from what he
seems to have been doing. I said this because what ever the President does is
contrary to what he promised in 2008 during his campaign tour nationwide.

One stands the chance to ask how the President should
misplace such an important document and the possibility attached to it.

If it is not true as stated, rather the President has
intentionally deny faithful Ghanaians the prospect of having all that he
promised, then the prophetic statement that I made some time back in my
previous article has come to pass.

Readers would recall that in one of my articles entitled;
From a Better Ghana to a Bitter Ghana, I made some two categorical points which
most sympathizer of NDC antagonized me in that respect. Ironically, the
President has in his deeds provided enough evidence to substantiate that.

The first point was that the President always does the
opposite of what he says and that Ghanaians should not take him serious.

To cite a typical example was when he assured Ghanaians to
reduce fuel prices drastically when he assumes office as the President, in his
normal opposite style he increased the prices abnormally. As if that was not
enough to kill Ghanaians, he further increased taxes to make the case worse.

There are some other taxes that he criticized in 2008. In
his regime he thought it wise to take those taxes off from the petroleum products
and introduced it on other products. In conclusion, what has he achieved?
Robbing Peter to pay Paul?

In 2010 when the President paid a cutesy in
the three northern regions, before his tour he made this quoted statement “I am
not going there because I want to change Ministers, MCEs and DCEs in those
regions.” Again President Mills made it clear that he would not go by the
agitation of supporters to dismiss DCEs. Less than 48 hours after his return, he
announced the dismissal of a Regional Minister, an MCE and one DCE which is a
contrary to what said to the press.

With this, don’t you still believe that the President Prof.
Mills does the opposite of whatever he says?

I hate insults because is not my style, but is it intensely
clear that NDC as a party is full of irresponsible idlers. One stands the
chance to ague but the truth always remains the truth no matter how long it is
hidden, it will yield its prosperous fruit with no hindrance at an appropriate

I call them irresponsible base on the fact that they never
want to accept their mistakes. Imagine the President telling NPP to apologize
to Ghanaians because he Atta Mills has increased fuel prices. This is a clear
level of irresponsibility shown by the President. That takes me back to what Prof.
Far ones said that any man who refuses to takes responsibility of what he does
whether good or bad will never progress in life.

Instead of the President and his Ministers not forgetting
his Vice John Dramani Mahama (The only vice President with 15 children and 3
wives) to work harder and improve the economy they themselves have put into
shambles, they find it prudent to complain how poor the economy was under the
governance of NPP. Have they recently forgotten that John Mills and John Mahama
were brought to fix the broken economy as they deceived Ghanaian to believe in
2008? It is clear that now things have fallen apart for NDC.

The President termed this year as an action year. Ghanaians
thought the action would improve their dried pocket, reduce road tolls and fuel
prices and bring out some visible implementation as well as infrastructure as
they witnessed during the era of NPP. Their thought was far from target because,
the said action was meant to be sacking Ministers, MCEs and DCEs. That is all
there is to it.

If Ghanaians truthfully want to understand what that action
meant, they should read the opposite meaning of it.

I hold my fire for now and ask faithful Ghanaians to judge.