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Opinions of Thursday, 8 September 2011

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

Mike Dokosi In A Lost Battle

To destroy is the easiest thing to do. So when one has extreme difficulty in even destroying, he does not deserve to be counted among men. Mike Dokosi, the editor of Daily Post has tried without rest to paint Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo black. All his efforts has always hit back at him with severe punches. He has hanged to every straw to destroy the honest and visionary statesman. He lied with a JFK Airport alleged arrest of Nana Addo. Ciminal records from the ports authorities proved him wrong. Still bent on sending Nana Addo's name into mud, he demanded for more proof and he was handed with an American embassy contact report from the state data bank report from USA through the embassy. Having seen that he has lost. And having not been able to personally show to Ghanaians any evidence of his claims, he has clung to a wikkileak report which only pointed to speculations about Nana Addo prior to the 2008 elections which were as a result of the damaging false stories the NDC and it's allieds sent round about the noble gentleman.

I was at lost when a whole editor was waving a flag of success for himself because of what is contained in the latest wikkileak report. The content of the report in the cable was clearly general speculation about the NPP candidate at the time. In fact Nana Addo lost many admirers because of this false propaganda which was allowed to flow without a stop. And the chances of him winning at that time according to the report was weak because of this general perception that Nana Addo smoke marijuana. the report did not say anywhere that it had evidence that he smokes. Part of the report attributed a statement to Kwasi Pratt to the effect that he(Pratt) said Nana Addo smokes marijuana and that cloud of smoke could be seen around him in the morning. But when Mr Pratt was questioned about whether or not he said so. He replied that he could never make such an illogical statement. As biased as Pratt sounded and as unwilling as he was to vindicate Nana Addo, he has refused to admit ever making the statement. And Mike was basing his claim of vindication on a statement the one who is said to have made it has denied.

When I heard Dokosi referring to the wikkileaks statement to defend his lie all that came to my mind was the guy might be illiterate, mischievous or both. Or he is short of anything to write about Nana Addo and could only be repeating what he has failed to prove.

If NYEBRO had read the cables well, he will have seen where the cables gave a clear evidence and direct quotation which the people mentioned to have made those statements have not refuted. Like when the Netherland woman said Papa J was on drugs and pointed out what made her believe the man was on drugs. She said they were in a family gathering of a sort. And that Efo left them almost every half an hour to a place all alone and came back sweating and looking "high". She also said on his return from those places he drank a large amount of cold minerals, a practice associated with drug use.

The cables revealed how the NDC and it's top officials under-rate our Muslim brothers to the extent of quoting Effo Fiifi Kwettey as saying that a muslim can never become a president in Ghana. I have not heard Fiifi come out to say he did not say it like Kwasi has done.

Mike Dokosi with this latest attempts will surely end up destroying himself. I am grateful to God that more Ghanaians can read and see the lie in his claim. The wikkileaks also revealed something about Nana Addo which has made me love him the more and seen that he is the type of leader we need in these times. His position on drugs was clear and strong. This goes to spell the hush to all his critics when it comes to issues of drugs. Rather the NDC which made the most noise about drugs have their founder exposed as a man who swims in them. The cables also revealed tha NACOB boss has admitted that the Mills led NDC has failed in the fight against drugs. Their own officials are the very culprits. The largest number of NACOB and National security officials arrested is in their time.

Mike has not seen all these and is still fighting a lost battle like a fool. In 2008 many gave these allegations rooms to stay but now that it has become clear that it was a mere smear campaign without a shred of evidence, the lies have over stayed their welcome. Mike Dokosi and all the evil people looking for the fall of Nana Addo has exausted their fire power and are still holding weapons without ammunitions. Nana Addo has gone pass that and is looking forward to taking over come 2013 and bring some meaning to our lives. If anybody needs to go to the rehab it is definitely not Nana Addo. If Mike Dokosi can use perceptions as a vindication of his lies then he has surely lost his senses and should be the one to go to the rehabilitation centre.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.