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Opinions of Friday, 21 October 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Mightier than Thou Award" for President Mills

President Mills for his impressionable belief in the Christian faith, humbleness, resignation to fate and God is in-charge attitude, has acquired him the Highest Award of the Land - "The Defender of the Faith". If it is for this simplistic explanation or reason that President Mills has obtained the title as just mentioned above, then I beg to differ.

Anyway, there are different types of Christians though they may all be wearing the same cloak. There are true Christians who walk in the ways of Jesus Christ. There are carnal-minded Christians who are like whitewashed tombs but full of smelly or brittle bones inside. The Holy Bible also says, "You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone," (James 2:24). How justified then is the award bestowed on President Mills who believes in absolute "God will provide" philosophy without getting off his arse to perform the functions of his office as one may expect? He allows fate to take him wherever it wants; thinking by that sort of resignation, God is working through him as an ardent Christian. Whilst the Whites bend fate to suit them, the Blackman allows fate to carry him along with the whirlwind. That is the Blackman's belief in true Christian faith. No wonder the Blackman has become a slave without self-esteem in the Whiteman's land.

Deputy Ministers of State appointed by President Mills are insulting people day in day out. By faith, the President says nothing. Carl Wilson was robbing Ghanaian car importers of their cars. He was sharing them among some NDC gurus; by the President's belief in God, he kept mute over it. Some of the members of his government are stinking of corruption and are corrupt yet by faith, the President has adopted the attitude of the three wise monkeys. One covers his eyes and says, "See no evil" Another covers it's mouth and says, "Speak no evil" And the last one covers it's ears and says, "Hear no evil" How great is their faith and belief in staying miles away from evil by behaving in the very lackadaisical way they do.

The country's District Chief Executives (DCEs), Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs) and Metropolitan Chief Executives are taking 10% kickbacks from any contract they award. They wire part of the kickback to the NDC party's account to build a campaign chest for elections 2012. The NDC will use this money to buy people's conscience and their votes through bribery. However, the President looks on saying, "God is in control. God is ruling Ghana but not me". Everyone believes in God or a Supernatural being but President Mills has taken his too far. He masks his incompetence by what may be his outwardly expressed Christian belief. He has been drifting from conscious incompetence to unconscious incompetence by his absolute belief in the faith as asserted by those who conferred the award on him.

Churches are mushrooming in Ghana with charlatans as pastors. Some of these pastors organize seven days a week service with the intention to enrich themselves by exacting money from church members all the time. Others have evil motives but deceptively hidden in their ability to perform the much sought after miracles. All the needless amount of time spent in Churches has a negative effect on the economy yet the President sees nothing wrong about it. What is his stand on the gay issue British Prime Minister, David Cameron is forcing down our throat?

Are some of his government appointees not churning out insults at their breath? Does he not reward them with promotions instead of reprimanding or sacking them from their posts to serve as deterrence to other would-be insult-prone NDC activists? Is this the attitude of a believer in the faith that wins them the Highest Award of the Land? No!

Anyway, I wish him all the best of luck in his endeavour to rule Ghana until the end of 2017 but not with these nonchalance, incompetence and broken promises.

Rockson Adofo