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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Columnist: Appiah, Kofi

Microscopic View Of Prez. Atta Mills From Afar

As the seconds tick by, and the minutes grow into hours, days, weeks, months and finally years, the indomie and lactogen-fed ‘kids’ whom the president has chosen to surround himself as his band-wagon against the run of play to the discomfort of his founder and leader, ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, they commit blunders all the time. Sadly, these so-called youthful guys, some of which still smell of ‘breast milk’ from child-birth, seem to forget that sooner than later, they would also grow up. These new breed of politicians do not change; they are the same everyday and everytime. Ironically, their utterances are either filthy to hear or very venomous. There has never been any change in their conduct and character; perhaps, as a coloration of their party background, their bread and butter are to concoct lies and peddle same until thy kingdom come because that is where they belong and could make a living.


Perhaps, this time round, I would like to throw decency away and go to town like the late learned professor, Paul Archibald Victor Ansah of blessed memory and of the University of Ghana and Chronicle fame, usually went to town half ‘craze’ while alive. Whether the headlines correctly fit the presidency or not; whether this write-up is true or false, there is always someone to be directly associated with in the NDC family. Did the Asomdwoe Hene (King of Peace) and his administration ever witness or watch lawlessness from the screen of the national broadcasting studios re: the bizarre sight of butchering fellow human beings and countrymen at the Agbogbloshie market that is akin to the panyarring of slaves in the Dark Ages? When the victims went to report of the death threat, it was purportedly rubbished by Ms. Rose Atenga Bio, the Accra Regional police commander; she desperately failed in her bid to calm tempers and rather advised that it was purely NADMO matter so the deceased and their supporters should go and lodge their complaint there. According to her, that wasn’t supposedly within her purview as a security matter. Very strange, as this is complete dereliction of duty. This is idiotic as one wonders where she learnt her professional policing to attain that position.


To refresh the minds of readers I would revisit a very popular statement attributed to a very important personality of the Vatican City, and it goes like this, “At a Vatican News Conference recently, Cardinal Renato Martino, the President of the Department responsible for Social Justice, said, ‘One probable cause of the global credit crunch was “greed and the desire to have more”. The author does not intend pointing accusing fingers at anybody, but all discerning minds should join him to condemn in no uncertain terms, the unbridled “pagan” passion for power, possessions and money as a modern-day plague. The unchecked sale or divestiture of about 368 or so SOEs presumably or allegedly for money or wealth for the NDC when he was privy to as Vice President during the NDC 1, are there for us as living witnesses. The picture that was painted in respect of the just ended six Akwatia polling stations election and captured by the media clearly depicted anarchy before, during and after. It was an eyesore and very incompatible with our fledging democracy with him as the captain on board the ship. The lip service must end at once. The loose talk of ‘Mepe asomdwoe’ whilst your followers constantly indulge in violence is deceitful. There must be less talk by the PROs of the NDC and more action to save us the orgy of constant lies, deceit, falsehood, misinformation and double standards and to know that generally, two wrongs do not make one right so they should collectively keep quiet and fix it.


The country at the moment needs practical, supportive and comprehensive industrial and pragmatic strategy policy that will surely help spur us on and propel the economic and political growth to greater heights but rather not resorting to seizure of public toilets and snatching of political opponents vehicles. What are vehicles and the poorly supervised ‘atinkon’ toilets usefulness to the civilized world? Stupidity, isn’t it? Africa is not poor at all; it is not a poor continent at all taking cognizance of its natural, mineral and human resources but the greedy leaders called politicians and their technocrats – the Chief Directors and CEOs that have surreptitiously milked their countries of course not excluding Ghana. This group of persons has turned into parasites that keep dehydrating the continent. Strangely, the most culprits have been the military turned politicians who can’t exonerate and absolve themselves from blame. From outside the country’s borders, the world sees Ghana’s economy like an axe which is too big and too hot to be handled by the Atta Mills-led government. The Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, then Governor of the central bank during the NDC 1, was alleged to have messed up. One wonders whether our President wants to wait and bid his time until modern or 21st Century technology catches up with his vision – as a non visionary, he has nothing under his sleeves to salvage the economy. If he would either oblige or swallow the flurry of attacks from all angles, his adamant stance of govern -ance could yield results and excavate successes soonest. There is no wonder Ghanaians are living testi -monies of the hypocritical nature of this big man. While the world economic crunch seems to be leveling up gradually, Ghana’s bit of same rather keeps nose-diving because of poor and staggering attitude of the man at the wheels of government. Please permit me to comment with due respect that ‘Is it be -cause he condemns economic materialism to relativism that is why he chooses to appear in some strange garbs?’


On assumption of the reins of government that is some 8 months on, instead of the President settling down to proper business of governance, has rather strangely pre-occupied himself with, either by accident or by default, the daily setting up of committees for this and that to buttress his point of inheriting a badly shaken or crumbled economy; incidentally, with an inflation rate of 18% whilst, in actual fact, his predecessor government also coincidentally inherited his party’s government in January, 2001 where he played the co-pilot’s role. The writer would wish that all and sundry would lay hands on the clip of the very statement at the swearing-in ceremony. His utterances were very deceptive. Very sad to say that dismissals, sacking of opposing technocrats, ejecting former government officials from their residence are but a few of the trade-mark of this administration. Furthermore, a vision without action, they say, is hallucination!! Our president’s political leverage keeps dipping by the day because of the scoundrels he has surrounded himself with people who falter everyday. Is it because the president condemns economic materialism and abhors ethical relativism which are the true scourges of our modern time hence the resort to wearing some clothes unbefitting the presidency?


Madam Zita Okaikoi and Messrs Okudzeto Ablakwa, James Agyenim Boateng (the 4,3, 3 trio as the complete novices acting as the mouthpiece of the government, courtesy, Dr. Spio-Garbrah – Oman FM morning show of Thursday, September 24, 2009) formerly of Radio Gold and someone who nearly set fire to our young democracy because of his unguarded, unfounded statement during the 2008 elections and Johnson Asiedu Nketia, whose daily penchant for causing confusion and strife coupled with tribal connotations, are all around without any reprimand from the president. May be the President does not know; a BBC news bulletin monitored in Accra recently disclosed the within named NDC 1 high ranking NDC 1 officials – Hon. Amadu Seidu, Minister of State at the Presidency, Dr. George Sikpah Yankey, Minister of Health, Kwame Peprah, the convicted ex-Finance Minister and a Board Member of SSNIT, Baba Kamara, Ghana’s Ambassador-designate to Saudi Arabia, Dr. Attoh Quarshie, a leading member of the NDC are still at post. The President should see wisdom to halt them until the whole issue is finally settled unless its jobs for the boys. The case further states the Ghanaian officials conspired with their UK counterparts to sell Bailey bridges and to inflate the prices hence the involvement of the U.K. SFO. During the process the Ghanaian officials asked for an upward adjustment in the price. If they care to know, the U.K. SFO has named these ‘probity and accountability’ social democrats to hold themselves in readiness for a legal battle in the coming weeks. This news may seem strange but those apostles of transparency should alert the BNI/National Security to quash it as they hurriedly rubbished the ‘Munt -aka Gate’ scandal. Hope they will issue a White Paper to nullify this SFO. Let’s wait. Why can’t the president ask them to step down until the whole issue is finally settled or its job for ‘boys’? GHANA’S OIL BARTERED FOR FREE ENTRY OF TOGOLESE NATIONALS RE DECEMBER 2012 The author may be right or wrong but is fully supportive of the state visit of HE Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema on Tuesday, August 25, ’09. Meanwhile, however, the nauseating news doing the rounds these days that may not be palatable for the consumption of the government soon after the exit of the Togolese strongman is that political analysts allege that the Frenchman was here to be brainwashed as to how he would relax if possible, and flex his muscles as if he were hypnotized by voodoo, to enable as many Togolese nationals of voting age who have dual citizenship or parentage in Ghana enter as many times as possible through Aflao, Dzodze and all the entry points to come and register when the time comes for the Electoral Commission blows the whistle for electoral registration to be able to swell the NDC’s voter population in Volta Region, previously as the World Bank to become Arab Bank to make nonsense of their opponents stronghold in other parts of the country.


Prez. Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema paid a historic visit to Ghana some 6 weeks ago. That was incidentally his second visit on assumption of power in Togo; the first visit being the time he came down for the celebration of Ghana @ 50 in 2007, when HE Prez. Kufuor was also at the helm of affairs in Ghana. It is however pathetic that Prez. Mills did not have any meaningful occasion to preach politics of deception other than when the Togolese President had arrived and probably been offered some ‘yorke garri’ lunch (the commonest cheap meal in Ghana) because, as a social democrat, that was obviously the menu that would be served this august visitor to cut costs. Now back to the biblical text – 2. “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own? 4. Or how wilt thou say to thy brother. Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye: and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5. Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye: and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”. Our revered president so soon forgot about the Tain constituency last year when his party functionaries exhibited bestial electoral character and clearly prevented the NPP supporters from entering the town let alone allowing them to participate in the contest that was a decider. His party cohorts again exhibited the worst off electoral attitude when the 6 polling stations in the Akwatia constituency; today, as you read this article, not a single member of the NDC including the master tactician, Baba Jamal, who vehemently prescribed Jihad on roof tops, still is at post without any sanction from his boss President Mills. Rather strangely, the NPP supporters including the winner of that election, Dr. Kofi Asare, were put behind bars. Doubting Thomasses should visit Tamale Regional Police and cross-check to see NPP sympathizers still languishing either in Tamale prison custody on remand or in police grips.


I would like to entreat the Council of State to convene as a matter of urgency and national interest to seriously sit HE President John Atta Mills down and advise him that recent events and ugly develop –ments if unheeded, could one day either escalate and conflagrate to a near Rwanda-Burundi (Hutu-Tutis) tribal war that devastated thousands of lives and rendered millions homeless to become refugees. Please cast your minds back and then go to volatile Bawku where, soon after ‘’Father Christmas’’ Mahama Ayariga, NADMO Consultant had returned to Accra by air, courtesy, Antrak Air on September 5, ‘09 or thereabout, a known sympathizer of NPP had been gunned down on suspicion as armed robber at about 7.00 p.m. in front of his shop like a fowl. Haaba! When newsmen later took him on, he behaved as if he were a sheep bundled and prepared for slaughter. He tried to lie between his teeth to expunge himself, but not. No mortal being knows the thought in his mind and the heart but Allah, the Merciful does. Hon. Ayariga should know he is a presidential spokesman today but could be nobody tomorrow and that is a fact. Not only that but also a certain popular taxi driver loaded with two women traders believed to be of Mamprusi descent were also shot and killed cold-bloodedly in broad daylight in the municipality. That is the Atta Mills-led government indeed. The list could go on and on endlessly without any word of caution from the president; the latest being the Chereponi shooting incident by an ex-MP who, out of desperation and anger, tried to kill some NPP activists; but, for which, the timely interven -tion and presence of Prof. Frimpong-Boateng, saved the situation somehow. He was there for the funeral to console the bereaved family, because the late Doris Seidu, was his patient at the Cardio Centre, Accra. He rushed these victims under police escort to the Yendi Hospital (incidentally no doctor at the time) to change his clothes and conduct surgery to remove the bullets. Some of these guys would have been dead by now. Wonders will never end but our number one chief executive officer had the guts to admonish his Togolese counterpart to go and sin no more and practise democracy; to accom -modate all dissenting views and shades of opinion of course, forgetting that, he has a trunk load of mote in one of his eyes, if not all the two. Why the double standards? Why preach virtue and practise vice? Why forget so soon about Tain, Akwatia, as well as the barring or banishment of opponents by a traditional chief from entering a particular region during the last elections. Why do you still want to shield Eric Opoku, the B.A. Deputy Regional Minister, from whose Sakumono flat in Accra, the alleged suspected murderer, Kwasi Adu, was arrested by the police after killing one Noah at Sankore in the Goaso District of the Brong Ahafo Region? Why did he muster courage to tell youthful Faure to go and practise democracy in Togo while under his eagle eyes in Ghana, he cannot see eye to eye with political opponents and co-exist with them? This is akin to the behaviour of the ostrich that normally buries its head in the sand to shy away disgrace. What else is his problem after having been tutored earlier on Saturday, July 11, 2009 by President Barack Obama of the U.S.A? Does someone know why soon after the lecture at the International Conference Centre the dignitaries were allegedly kept under lock and key? The answer is not far-fetched, the presidential security detail and their intelligence had no confidence in our security service due to their supposed pre-occupation at the time of seizure of cars, ejecting former officials from their bungalows, arresting political opponents at the airport, seizing passports, etc.


Having allowed yourself to be propped up into the highest position of the land, that is the presidency, you perform the functions of a president as if pre-meditated to be a modern day prophet of doom. The countless surges in violence by the NDC for which you are tight lipped and keep sparing the rod; deputy ministers, chief executives, presidential aides and spokes-persons are all culprits and these groups of persons including the recalcitrant police personnel who were conscripted to join the police service from the revolutionary era act in such an unnatural and uncivilized manner to the chagrin of the ordinary sane person. It is not surprising that the president has devilishly closed one of his eyes as if he is not privy to all the wicked machinations of his government functionaries to brutally assault opponents. Someone should prove me wrong if personalities such as Kofi Wayo, the chatterbox should be a Board Member of TOR, what do you expect to happen there? His duty would be to convince the authorities to put it on divestiture and we should not be spell-bound if Chuck Wayo becomes one of the beneficiaries of this national asset after its proposed sale. Again, how do you expect this administration to perform miracles if characters like Yamoah Ponko, Fred Agbesi, Anita de Souza, Amenyo Kwami, Otukunor, etc. have been employed with fat pay packets and specially auctioned cars to do the dirty PR work for the government to keep peddling falsehood on all radio stations? That is the Atta Mills government of ‘I care for you’, I will be Father for all, my brothers and sisters, I would not mind if you voted for me or not, I do not mind which part of the country you come from were certainly political gimmicks you used to throw dust onto our eyes to win the elections as well as winning the sympathy of the international community. Mind you, you have destroyed our NHIS that was introduced by the Kufuor Administration, the Educational system is nothing to write home about, the transport sector, very suspect, the Police Service, I under -stand has only six vehicles since you appeared on the political arena, huh. a The beating of war drums by eminent persons in NDC such as your founder, Messrs. P.V. Obeng, one time de facto Prime Minister, Hon. A.S.K. Bagbin, M.P., Majority Leader, Coach of the NDC Technical Bench in Parliament and Dr. Ekow Spio-Garbrah of the Commonwealth Telecommunication Secretariat in London should be a matter of concern to you because they have lost confidence in the way you’re conducting the affairs of state. If care is not taken, the way you’re piloting the flagship of Ghana, you will veer off course and the Ghanaian citizenry will be the casualties and losers. email: