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Opinions of Sunday, 8 November 2009

Columnist: Tawiah, Benjamin

Oil Mafias and Crooks exterminate Kofi Wayo

…leader and founder of the United Renascences Party, Charles Kofi Wayo, proved his critics wrong as he walks the talk in the oil industry.

…GMFIN/POA/gd/261/09 as a reference number. Yes, Mr. Wayo was the first to supply Medanito crude oil through MT Shekinah to TOR - says TOR board member

… Sahara wasn’t first company to supply crude to TOR after all

Charles Kofi Wayo who is currently serving as a board member of the energy commission in Ghana has proven to Ghanaians and the Mills administration but “the mafias in both NPP and NDC” are frustrating his efforts to help Ghana sell fuel at the gas stations, less than three dollars a gallon.

The Minister of Energy, Dr Joseph Oteng Adjei and Dr. Kwame Ampofo the Managing Director of Tema Oil Refinery, has both confirmed this story on an Accra based radio station, that Charles Kofi Wayo truly supplied Tema Oil Refinery 33,200 barrels of Medanito crude oil through MT Shekinah on 23rd July this year.

However, the energy ministry and TOR has equivocally refused to secure him a Bank guarantee to enable his company supply Ghana with crude oil at a far cheaper price, despite a directive from President John Mills to that effect.

Before the President directive, Kofi Wayo entered into a gentleman’s agreement with the Minister of Finance, the Board Chairman of TOR, Board Member of TOR, National Security Advisor, the Chief of Staff, and The President, to supply TOR crude oil as proof to the government that he could secure larger cargos at far cheaper rates for the Refinery on monthly supply.

Unfortunately, after Kofi Wayo’s oil supply to TOR in July this year, just to secure him a bank guarantee to supply TOR on monthly basis’s at a far cheaper cost than any company could sell crude oil for, his efforts were crushed by a gang of mafia and crooks in the system who are simply not interested in the development and welfare of Ghanaians.

Again, because Kofi Wayo was not ready to dance to tunes of those mafias and crooks in the oil business in Ghana and the fact is he was going to block their corrupt means of making money in the oil industry Ghana, they had to do everything possible to frustrate his efforts.

At this point, Ghanaian see this as begger’s believe for the President to claim his innocence about what the mafias and crooks are liable to exacerbate Kofi Wayo’s efforts in supplying crude oil at a cheaper price than any other company could sell to TOR.

So, the question is - what happened to the executive powers to get Kofi Wayo the bank guarantee for mammoth supplies? And how come all those involve are still at post? I thought the Mills Administration promised the electorates a cheaper price for gasoline?

Are the mafias and crooks every close to the President Mills and are prepare to do what it takes to wring water out of stone, by maddening the efforts of Kofi Wayo to hoard Ghanaians and the Mills administration?

Meanwhile, Kofi Wayo we all know have been selling crude oil to neighboring countries for the past fifteen years and with all the expertise at his disposal to help TOR solve its problems, why is government not coming clean on his bank guarantee promised him by TOR.

Source: Benjamin Kwame Tawiah