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Opinions of Monday, 27 April 2020

Columnist: Paul Osei

Mentality of a modern Ghana

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Indisputably, I have come to realize that we are writing our own history either positively or negatively. Our forefathers who were at the forefront used their blood to secure freedom for us.

Certainly, they devoted themselves to the country and the interest of the people. Do you think that they achieved this feat with selfishness, wickedness, and personal antipathy? I am of the conviction that they did not achieve this on a silver platter.

However, it is quite obvious that we cannot build upon that legacy. There is a saying that "if corn will grow bigger, it starts from germination". Let us cast a glance at how people are struggling to survive; how those with authority are treating innocent Ghanaians; how government officials are exploiting country's resources, how traders are hoarding goods and increasing the prices of their products.

Traders are intentionally increasing the prices of their commodities on the pretext that people are demanding. Is it not outrageous? Let us look at how they raised the price of hand sanitizers. Indeed, everything implies that if you see a black man happy, it may be that his neighbour is in trouble. How they conducted themselves led to the closure of major markets in 'Greater Kumasi' due to the inability to practice social distancing. These same people cried bitterly for the government to lift the lockdown for the people to come to markets.

Are they for the interest of the nation? Do you also think that these people can contribute meaningfully and promote nation building? In my opinion, their act is inimical to the growth of the society in which they live.

On the whole, I think that this same behaviour led to the brutalization of some market women during the military regime. So, had it not been a democratic government what do you think would have happened to these same traders who hoarded and increased the prices of goods and essential commodities? Let us be true and patriotic citizens.

Paul Osei

Citizen journalist