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Opinions of Thursday, 22 November 2018

Columnist: Counselor Adofoli

Maybe Kweku Adoboli is not human

Kweku Adoboli Kweku Adoboli

My name is not Adoboli, but Adofoli which clearly shows we have no relationship, not to talk of blood.

I am not here to speak for him but to react to how we humans can sometimes behave like God. We seem to know it all, we seem to be perfect in our ways.

Kweku is not talking to get sympathy from the public, he is not moving from one media house to another to grant interviews.

He has made some bad decisions in life and availed himself for the consequences. Was jailed and deported, and now at home with those he calls family.

Family, because they understand him better, know him better, and they feel his pains and frustration.

Lots of people have questions on their minds, some pretend to care, some want to jubilate over his mistake, so knowing the full story will help. Others have heard the opposite whist some don't even understand what is going on.

I believe, with this and more reasons, Israel Laryea of Multimedia wanted to get some answers and also offer him the opportunity to say good bye to the people he couldn't.

Why drag him into politics of Ghana. Why insult him, why call him names? Can't we be human?

He is not asking for the government of Ghana to beg the UK to return him. He is not asking the government of Ghana to give him job or money.

He is not asking for food or air from the citizens. He is with the people who care. Why can't those who don't care shut their mouths?

We are calling names and pointing fingers but only God knows what we do in our secret places.

If any institution or body want to learn from his story or mistake, they are free to do that, but not a public debate of insults and name calling.

Leave the young man alone for those who care for him. He doesn't hold a Ghanaian political party membership card. So don't dirty him in political colours.

You are not more sinful or holier than him. We all have the same standards and scale in this human flesh. "All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory" - Romans 3:23 (CEV).

He was giving 50 Billions Dollars to manage and lost 2 Billions Dollars. What about you who was given 5 Ghana Cedis to mange but lost all. What about those of us who invested our all in all sorts of investments and lost all?

Are we better of? Are you shouting because of 2 billion dollars? If he was not able to manage a dollar, he won't be handed or trusted with 50 billion dollars.

Before you say or post something think deep, pause and reflect again. Is it hatred, anger or dirty politics? Can you be human? Unless Kweku Adoboli is not human like you.

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