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Opinions of Thursday, 16 August 2012

Columnist: Nyarko, Stallone

Martin Amidu Makes So Much Sense Now.

By Stallone Nyarko

PAUSE, PERUSE and PONDER ; The aftermath of the President's demise has made me see reason with the shrills and passionate concerns of MR. MARTIN A.B.K AMIDU, the former attorney general under Prof Mills who was sacked for opening his mouth too wide on the Woyome saga. Accounts from close associates of the late leader have established that, the man Mills was one that sought to attain high incorruptible standards. Unfortunately he assumed the highest office of the land when his state of health had become very problematic. He became a man passionate to succeed but surrounded by a vicious 'greedy' bunch whose penchant for murky financial dealings knew no bounds. It was hence not surprising that the regime of a man who had shouted his voice horse to uproot the canker of corruption from our setting would become one of the most corrupt administrations in our country so far. Obviously his health was the derailing factor.
This was a passionate man whose heath would not allow him read official documents. This was a man whose health would not allow him scrutinize the complex contractual agreements of government. The nation’s kitty was hence at the mercy of these largely young appointees and the dangerous old forces who were hell bent on milking our country dry with our passionate leader rendered helpless. It is was not so surprising that for the first time in the history of our country, ghosts were claiming Judgement debts from the poor tax payer. Martin Amidu was a man who obviously was not ready to sink with the ship. His outburst on the brazen fraud in the Mills administration in that Janaury 13 press release seemed to have evoked the irk of the powers that be. He would be given the sack and he would be seen as a bitter man. The concerns raised in the many epistles from 'THE CITIZEN VIGILANTE' will be rubbished on then premise of he being a bitter man. Today the many issues raised by Martin Amidu are pressing more than ever. The presence of this passionate man could not even save the situation. What then becomes of our nation today when it is now fully in the hands of these avaricious bunch who no limit in their craving for wealth with the passionate leader gone with the wind?? SAVE OUR NATIONAL COFFERS !!!! A NATION CALLS FOR DUTY NOW.
This is the first of many thought provoking issues which I will be tabling for strict intellectual discourse. The writer is a staunch advocate for civil discourse and I always believe we must pause, peruse and ponder.