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Opinions of Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Columnist: Agyemang, Chris

Martin Amidu Is Suffering From Depression

Ever since he was booted out of office as Attorney General,for insubordination by the late President Mills,

He has suddenly seen everything wrong with the NDC party and the government he had served religiously for more than two decades until he was shown the exit on 19 January 2012. This is the man who served as deputy AG in the Rawlings era, handpicked and endorsed as presidential running mate of late President Mills' then presidential candidate for NDC in 2000 general elections, again this is a man who was made the Interior Minister and later AG by late President Mills until he was sacked in January 2012. In all these positions that Martin Amidu served,Ghanians are yet to read about his track record. Amidu's cynical attempt to catch public sympathy for his past failures proved futile. His unnecessary vilification of the NDC party and government is tantamount to purely cheap politics and or playing to the public gallery and the media to resurrect of his already dead political career. His one man crusade of the so called “peoples vigilante”, has no resonance with the majority of Ghanians. Just listen to Amidu's talk of accountability and transparency and one will feel like laughing off his/her head. Amidu should know that accounting for petty expenses during the time that he was a Minister as indicated in one of his public statements does not necessary equate to accountability and transparency that he wants to portray or make Ghanians to believe. Martin Amidu should account for or be transparent about the wrongs that he was party to in the PNDC era. Infact to my recollection he did not even attend the Truth and Reconciliation Commission established by former President Kuffour's regime,as former President Rawlings and others did. Yet every opportunity he gets with his new found media friends he tries to project his folly. His law suit against the Attorney General and others at the Supreme Court will fail spectacularly. One does not need to be a lawyer to know that defeat and disgrace is stirring at Amidu. People who know Martin Amidu will attest to the fact that this man is full of himself right from his secondary school to university days. He is the type that thinks and feels that if he is not in the helm of things nobody else should. This explains why, he tried to show insubordination when summoned by the late President Mills to explain his misbehavior towards him and the government on the Woyome and the judgement debt saga. It also underscores his bragging statement that, he was begged a number of times to join the NDC government by late President Mills in one of his diabolical populist press statements stuns in January 2012. Some Ghanians believe and rightly so, that his vilification of the late President Mills and some members or leaders of the NDC is the fact that late President Mills dropped him in his choice of running mate in the 2008 elections in favor of candidate and now President John Mahama. His actions are a smoke screen and politics of envy by him and the ilk that dislike President Mahama to get elected as President in the December 2012 elections; even though he (Amidu) denies such charges. One wonders what Amidu's latest self- serving article is meant to achieve? he should know that his latest cheap politics will not dissuade well meaning Ghanians to go out and campaign for President John Mahama to win the December 2012 elections. Unlike Amidu, President John Mahama has an enviable good track record as a public servant and also has more then what it takes to be President of Ghana come 2013. He has the qualities of a good leader. His choice by the NDC leadership as presidential candidate is equally based on merit and competence. President Mahama has national appeal and transcends tribal and religious lines. He has exhibited honesty, integrity, probity, accountability and transparency through out his political career as Member of Parliament, Minister, Vice President and President of Ghana. Martin Amidu,you were sacked for insubordination,and since then you haven't been at peace with you self,because its a disgrace to hold such public office and be sacked. Get a doctor and start a therapy to put yourself back on track.