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Opinions of Sunday, 18 January 2015

Columnist: Prof. Lungu

Malarkey Boy Concocted "Back from Heaven" Malarkey Story!

Alex Malarkey, the Ohio, USA, boy who, at age 6 in 2004, was involved in an automobile accident with his dad that resulted in his 2-month coma, causing him to become a quadriplegic, says he made it all up for attention.

After Alex "came back" with the help of doctors and medical equipment (not easily found in places like Ghana, Bangladesh, and Burma), including becoming the first child to be fitted with a "Christopher Reeve surgery" that allows him to breathe without a ventilator, Alex said that he'd been to heaven, talked to Jesus, and met a devil.

We will say in pun-fashion that thinking. rational-minded folks in and around Ohio maybe should have revisited their English dictionaries, for the noun "malarkey."

Apparently, Alex, now a young boy, could not stand it anymore in his little Ohio town. You see, his father, "a Christian therapist", penned "...the best-selling...2010 memoir, "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven." So now, the publisher of the book, Tyndale House, is pulling the book "and all ancillary products" off the shelves.

The boy concocted the entire story before even reading a single word on the bible! But his mother, Beth, had rational doubts about the entire cockamamie story, finally writing a blog post back in April, "It is both puzzling and painful to watch the book...not only continue to sell, but to continue, for the most part, to not be questioned."

You see, dear truly rational thinking reader, the "heavenly tourism" story was made up and refined because the father and the publisher behind the hot-selling book (and related products) needed to profit from other peoples beliefs. That, we submit, is the whole enchilada about churches, Mecca-mosques, and other human "belief systems" and artifacts that proclaim there is better life after. Being members because you were born into it is not rational thought - you are simply masturbating to an antecedent belief. It does not explain a generational change in belief(s). Further, for Ghanaians/Africans, there is no evidence you live longer, or are happier because of your beliefs in Christianity, or how many times you go to church. Or that, you are more generous!

Prof Lungu lived and experienced the cultures and belief systems in Japan (Tokyo, Okinawa, Yokohama, etc.). There, the Bible and Christianity are not native, or adopted, to guide any significant number of lives. They treat and respect their women better/more. And Okinawans live longest, than most!

So, we can ask ourselves. What is the average life-span of a Ghanaian man, woman, new baby, compared to others? Or is Christ forsaking Ghanaians in this important area?

It is all "ma•lar•key - meaningless talk; nonsense, (bunkum, Ananse stories, to use two favorite Ghanaian versions of the same)!

ITEM: Imagine the same 2004 road accident and benefits of science "happening" to a youth in any other place, say in some of the oldest civilizations pre-dating Christianity (India, China, Burma, Egypt, etc.) You could "bet your bottom cedi" the concocted story, were it to be made, would be culturally relevant to the youth's experience, whatever the belief system the youth "knows". Chances are, it would not be a "Jesus-Devil" inspired malarkey.

Now, do not get us wrong!

This is not presented as a critique of any person's beliefs. Prof Lungu is only interested in cases that have implications for public policy, or otherwise, has potential to negate the tough work to higher human development (economic, physical, spatial, social), for Ghanaians. That is why said the last time that Mr. Mahama's "divine intervention" clutch is absurd.

Today, we say that any such pronouncements are as well, malarkey!


SOURCE: This Malarkey story was originally reported on National Public Radio (NPR), and by Ed Mazza in the Huffington Post, and at ((h/t Raw Story).

Prof. Lungu is Ghana-centered/Ghana-Proud. Prof Lungu is now based in Washington DC, USA. Brought to you courtesy©15 Jan.15.