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Opinions of Friday, 29 May 2015

Columnist: Sincerely Yours

Mahama’s Brutal Murder

………………………………….could this be the beginning of the Armageddon Vis a Vis the

infamous “All Die Be Die” mantra of the NPP flagbearer, Akufo Addo??
Peace-loving Ghanaians woke up last Thursday to the brutal, horrific and senseless murder of the NPP Upper East Regional Chairman, Mahama Adams, at the hands of his own party folks as alleged. He was murdered in his car amidst an acid bath at the vicinity of his home.

Before I comment further, I join others in condemning this barbaric and senseless cowardly act irrespective of whatever the underlying causes maybe.
Not that one is surprised about this dastardly act of cowardice which is the hallmark of the Busia-Danquah-Dombo tradition, but looking at my “apple watch” tells me we are deep into 2015 AD. While in the developed world people get political power by their mouth (ask Barack Obama how he defeated Hillary and Romney), in my part of the world people are using coercing, intimidation, fear and murder to wrestle political power.

Looking back at the history of the Busia-Danquah-Dombo tradition, from the bomb throwing at school children in Kulumbungu to the murder of Alhaji Mobila through the 2002 killing of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II to the now acid bath murder of Mahama Adams, it is evident that violence is deep in their genes, reminiscent of the notorious and infamous KKK (Ku Klux Klan).
It is no doubt that in the run up to the 2012 election the perpetual NPP flagbearer and the born loser, Nana Akufo Addo, in the glare of the media stood up and commandeered his tribesmen to stand up in arms against other tribes in the infamous “All Die Be Die” speech.
As this is Akufo Addo’s last attempt at occupying the Black Stool, it is evident that he is a very desperate man and would stop at nothing to achieve that feat. It is also evident that Afoko and Kwabena Adjepong are no fans of Akufo Addo and hence his desperate attempt to undermine their mandate which he would stop at nothing to achieve since he sees them as stumbling blocks to his long and overdue ambition. It is therefore evident that Mahama Adams was just unlucky collateral damage who is caught up in crossfire.
My only question therefore is “Could this be the beginning of the “All Die Be Die” Armageddon and how many of these incidents are we going to witness before, during and after the 2016 elections, in the, most likely, case Nana could not make it this time round too?
These are the things that make one say hmmmmm!!!!
Sincerely Yours
(The author is a Social, Political and Economic Commentator and a freelance Journalist).