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Opinions of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Columnist: AlWaiz, Husseini Y Baba

Mahama’s 70% exit votes-a sign of victory

President Mahama’s 70% exit votes-a sign of victory…Nana’s stage crumble-a sign of defeat

Fellow Ghanaians, we have really come a long way with a political campaign characterized by vilifications, castigations casting of insinuation and character assassination –which was adopted mainly by the NPP, as they go round and misinforming Ghanaians that, the NDC did not achieve anything good for mother Ghana. This was the modus oprandi they adopted in their desperation to make President Mahama unpopular, in order to win the elections.

However, thanks to the media and the powerful campaign /communications team of the President, the records are out for all Ghanaians to see over the TV Networks, as these socio-economic infrastructural achievements are being showcased for all Ghanaians to see.

And we of the NDC USA communication & research team have been able to silence Kennedy Agyapong for almost three months now, since he threatened to expose some serious cases of corruption allegedly against President Mahama. But when we warned him to shut up his mouth, else we would exposed his deep secret of corruption in the US, he kept mute and never accused the President since then.
Just as it happened during the last elections, history has repeated itself again on Tuesday, when the security agencies throughout the country voted massively for His Excellency President Mahama. God willing, this is just a prelude to the overwhelming victory that we expect him to have, come this Friday.
Ghanaians would prefer a leadership of; humility, honesty, integrity, magnanimity, diversity, tranquility and tolerance-qualities which are imbedded in the persona of President Mahama. While they determine to reject a leadership of; pomposity, arrogance, dishonesty, corruption, ethnocentrism, rowdiness and aggressiveness-which are the traits known to be associated with Nana Akufo Addo and his cronies.
Clearly, the over seventy percent exit votes that the President obtained from the results of the Tuesday’s special polls, by the security agencies is a wake-up call to all Ghanaians that, the security agencies themselves have absolute confidence in the leadership of President Mahama.
And it was obvious that, God has caused Nana Addo’s campaign stage to crumble, using that as a symbol of eminent defeat for him and the NPP, come this Friday. God would not choose a leader who wants to lead at all cost, even if blood of Ghanaians should be shed in order for him to be President, he does not care. Such is not the kind of leader God and Ghanaians would want to lead them.
Ghanaians are very discerning people; they would not want a party that considers members of only one ethnic group fit to President, while others are always supposed to play second fiddle. And the day of reckoning, which is this Friday, would indeed seal the deal of victory for President Mahama and the NDC. Eye Zu!! Eye Za!! Victory all the way!!

Husseini Y. Baba AlWaiz, Press Secretary, NDC New York