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Opinions of Thursday, 3 July 2014

Columnist: Attafuah-Danso, Emmanuel

Mahama- The Cause Of An Increased Youth Unemployment In Ghana

“No nation is born democratic No individual is born patriotic or a good citizen. Rather, the processes evolved. Any nation which cut off its youth from development severs its life time. It is condemned to breed to death”. Mr. Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General reflecting on the problems the youth faced in the world especially Africa has this to say. I am therefore quick to state that, every nation’s development is anchored, rested or facilitated by the human resource it has which is largely its youth and potential labour force. The reverse is the case in Ghana and the ill treatment is meted out to its youth.

What do we mean when we say the future belong to the youth? In Ghana, it is for the corrupt presidents, ministers and government functionaries. For the first time in the annals of this country’s history, we have an association called graduate unemployed association of Ghana the bane of the nations development which is superintended, formed and created by the so-called ‘Youth President’ J.D Mahama.

Mahama’s government has helped in creating, breeding and strengthening the numbers negatively for the youth unemployment in Ghana which has resulted in many problems facing the country for example, the high rate of crime prostitution an increase engagement of social vices.

The heartless, anti-youth programs and decisions regarding the youth unemployment situation is nebuchadnexally planned to make the Ghanaian youth suffer. Some of the programs, policies and decisions have resulted and rendered the youth of Ghana, second raced citizens on their own land of birth.

Talk of public sector and civil service employment a freeze or ban for three years is slapped on it. Talk of GYEEDA and the NDC government has emptied the fund and made the only hope for the youth of Ghana attempting to absorb the teeming unemployed situation championed by Former President Kufour and his team is on the verge of collapse .The GYEEDA Program is selectively applied to benefit NDC youth and apparatchiks.

Mention the educational sector which is to prepare the youth for the job market, and government’s commitment has been zero as the GETFUND has been in long outstanding for more than a year. The government never bothered to support the informal sector capacity building and skills training programs.

Arise Ghana youth for your country, the youth motivated song has been badly bruised and rejected by president Mahama he has killed the patriotism in them. The National Youth Authority is helpless in providing any help to the teeming youth and ostensibly outliving its function. The youth enterprises support fund so called established has remained moribund at birth and lopsidedly allocated to the NDC party youth. Selective application backed by the George Orwell Animal Farm principles.

Emmanuel Attafuah-Danso