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Opinions of Friday, 20 November 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

Madness in Paris

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A terrorist attack which left close to a hundred and fifty dead in Paris has stunned the world by the scale of the atrocity and sheer disregard for human life.

Terrorists whose warped understanding of the religion they profess to stand for in total variance with the tenets of the two great faiths have served notice that they would continue to torment the civilised world.

That they have continued to make good this notice is not in doubt. It is ironic that in their obsession with the destruction of lives they did not create and which they are forbidden to destroy, members of the two faiths are not spared.

Indeed, there have been as many non-Muslim dead as Muslims, which underscores the importance of a multi-religious condemnation of the atrocities being meted out by the bloody perverts.

The ISIS’ counterparts in Nigeria have killed more Muslims than they have non-Muslims – a reality which has continued to befuddle observers as to what really drives them to draw blood and cause pain to their fellow human beings.

They have manipulated the religion of Islam to serve their ideology which without doubt is at variance with the teachings of this religion.

We sympathise with the people of a country whose respect for the basic freedoms of man has informed its consular generosity over the ages.

Unfortunately, this touch of humanity as it were has exposed the underbelly of France to the sights of terrorists who think that everybody but they has departed from the path of their god who differs from the Omnipotent and Omniscient who forbids the destruction life, not even one’s own.

The attack on Paris, coming ten months or so after an earlier one on the satirist magazine, Charley Hebdon, suggests how determined the terrorists are in making good their intention to destroy many more lives not only in France, but elsewhere across the civilised world.

For those like us who think we are far away from the reaches of the terrorists, we must have a re-think of our position.

The world has never been so globalised with no part of it too distant from the sights of the weapons of blood-thirsty terrorists.

The world must come together to fight and eliminate the terrorists who continue to kill and maim in furtherance of their obsession of establishing a caliphate where extremism rules.

The West must be realistic in its position on eliminating the terrorists. It would inure to the benefit of the global war against the bloody perverts if the schism between the Russians and the Americans is narrowed for the sake of this common goal. We are saddened that the ongoing bombardment on ISIS targets in Syria is not being done from a common platform. The Russian objective ostensibly aimed at ISIS targets is being seen as a means of propping the Bashat regime and therefore frowned upon by their US counterparts. Under such circumstances, the needed common ground from which to launch effective attacks on the blood-thirsty terrorists is lost, much to the advantage of the terrorists.