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Opinions of Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Columnist: Herman Kwame Kumatsey

Madam Afua Adoboe: The stakes are high in Ayawaso West Wougon

Madam Afua Adoboe wants to be NDC Parliamentary candidate for Madam Afua Adoboe wants to be NDC Parliamentary candidate for

2020 looms for Ghanaian parliamentary and presidential elections.

These elections might have considerably more at stake than others because the ordinary Ghanaian has become vocal, perceptive and involved in key national issues.

Grassroots movements within party ranks have typically begun extensive campaign procedures, which typically include carefully vetting parliamentary candidates.

For some political aspirants, winning lies in baiting the electorate in
instances of vote buying. There are unsavory reports of candidates sharing monetary gifts, knee jerk donations to party offices to officials to court 'god-father's blessings and, those who play the game of parlance.

Unfortunately, what is heard, what enters the stomach and fills it easily sways many a Ghanaian. But how does that individual interest culminate in national interest and growth? Like the biblical Esau who sold his birthright for a plate of gobe; albeit without the plantains, Ghanaians should understand the changing tides and their diminishing returns.

A longtime resident of the Ayawaso West Wougon constituency, Madam Afua Adoboe is positioning for the parliamentary seat of this constituency under the literal umbrella of the NDC. Don't be fooled by the local name. This is an elitist community with a wealthy populace: Roman Ridge, Dzorwulu, Legon, Westland, and Airport are some of the cities within the constituency.

How does she intend to compete with odds? Her NDC contender is ace actor John Dumleo, who despite the infamous V8 saga trailing him, presents a youthful front and Ghanaians are seeking desperately for political change.

As America ventured in its 2016 elections, they might also be opting to drain the swamp and bring on someone with no political ties. But how did voting for a prominent businessman and not a politician turn out for the most sovereign nation in the world?