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Opinions of Monday, 5 October 2009

Columnist: Ansong, Nana Ama

“Mabey And Johnson”, Not In The Mills Administration.

It has been exactly six days since the news broke out from the Southwark Crown Court in London that some officials of the National Democratic Party (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) allegedly received monies from a British construction company Mabey and Johnson in return for contracts. I still cannot juxtapose the reason behind the official document being released only after the ruling. Whereas they could spell correctly even the indigenous names of their Ghanaian counterparts, they, to save the face of their own, represented them with alphabets. What nonsense?

What has become of the principle of natural justice in courts in Britain when initially their own testimony indicates that names will not be mentioned and so what was the motive this time round?

Again if the period of investigations is from 1991 to 2005, why have they released a report half way through the investigation when the SFO itself admitted they have not finished investigations?

What astound me the most is the flaws in the document prepared by no mean a body than the SFO of Britain. For instance the document suggests that Baba Kamara was a Treasurer and also the political overseer for the Ministry of Roads and Highways and is a member of the all powerful NDC Finance Committee which includes Kwame Peprah (Minister of Finance and Minister of Mines) is a blatant lie. Who in Ghana doesn’t know that Baba Kamara was the deputy Treasurer of the NDC and Kwame Peprah and Mrs. Rawlings have never been part of the finance team of the party.

What was the motive behind the description given to the wife of Baba Kamara and former President Rawlings the way they did? (10/2147845_2 21- paragraph 2 of 114) “Additionally, Mr. Kamara’s wife was secretary to the then President of Ghana the former Flight Lieutenant ‘Jerry’ Rawlings, who had originally achieved power by means of a military coup in 1981” Will NPP functionaries be happy if former President Kufour, Capt. Effah Darteh, Courage Quashigah, Gladys Asmah among others is described as (politicians who gained political experience by working in a government formed after a coup.

I’m beginning to have the feelings that that someone is out there for mischief and to put fears in the government so as to avert investigations into the Vodafone and that of cosmos deals. “TOFIAKWA” NOT IN THE MILLS ADMINISTRATION.

For those who are saying that the President should sack those cited in the ruling, I want them to again read through the whole judgment and they will appreciate the fact that the case is not between those cited and the SFO or Mabey and Johnson and them but rather Regina –v- Mabey Johnson and that they under no circumstances can they be the accuse persons in this case. This is how it was captured - IN THE SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT No.T2009 7513 BETWEEN: REGINA - v - MABEY AND JOHNSON LIMITED ______________________________________________________ PROSECUTION OPENING NOTE ______________________________________________________ However for the sake of political embarrassment and self clearing if they want they can decide to step aside for them to clear them selves though all legal avenues have not been.

Let me at this juncture say ayekoo to President Mills for he has indeed proven that he and his entire administration have brought about the change most of us have been advocating over the past eight years and that they are committed in their campaign promise on clamping down on corruption. Instead of asking for evidence he though out side the four corners of Ghana has asked that Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu, the Attorney General takes up the matter and investigate and as I write, she has written to the Ministries of Finance and Works and Housing to furnish her outfit with all details about Mabey and Johnson. And so I ask if this is not a change what else is?

For the doubting Thomases, I can only but greatly appreciate their qualms. Infact I graciously understand why critics and sakawa journalists like Ato Kwamena Dadzie of Joy FM will put out an article which seeks to suggest that President Mills’ directive meant nothing will be done though there are the Muntaka and the Moses Asaga cases. Like I said I will not blame him since over the past eight years not even one of the NPP functionaries who were alleged to have engaged in corrupt practices were investigated let alone prosecuted even when evidence gawk ex President Kufour in the face.

Isn’t it funny that today Ato Kwamena Dadzie and other NPP associates are calling for such bodies like the BNI rather than the Attorney General’s department when all they have done in the past eight months it to down play all works of the BNI?

Where were the likes of Ato Kwamena Dadzi in the famous kick back saga? In the case of forgetfulness let me refresh his mind, this is when the former chairman of the New Patriotic Party Haruna Esseku openly confessed the receiving of kick backs by former President Kufour in the castle.

What again happened in the case of former minister Brintim who was alleged to have transferred a whipping amount of two million into a foreign account? Instead of an investigation the then President in his wisdom rather rewarded by budging him from his ministerial position and gave him more powers in the castle for a good work done.

I will just conclude this piece by quoting page 40 section 188 0f the ruling for you check whether in the case of Ghana public officials were bribed directly as is being preached by opponents of this government so as for you to draw your own conclusion - “For the purposes of illustrating the pervasive historical picture, the Company accepts and admits that in four other jurisdictions - Angola, Bangladesh, Madagascar, and Mozambique - corrupt payments were made direct to elected or appointed public officials”.

For now, officials of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in Britain are in town to further probe into the issue. The Betty Mould Iddrisu’s led investigations in still on going and so there is the need for all to wait patiently for what the outcome will be. God should indeed help us to resist oppressors rule.