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Opinions of Saturday, 27 June 2020

Columnist: Peter Asante

MTN Jara offer should be extended to Western North Region


MTN Ghana is one of the most respectable telecommunication networks in the country and the world at large. I humbly appeal to management of MTN Ghana to allow the good people of Western North to enjoy the (MTN JARA OFFER) of which they have been denied for the past few years.

Customers in the Western north most especially the farmers and unemployed inhabitants are complaining bitterly about the neglect of MTN not allowing them to enjoy the Jara Offer despite their Contributions to the MTN Ghana.

Customers in the Western north are only happy on Sundays because of Sunday Special , 'why should it be so'?? He quizzed.

The reason why MTN Customers in the Western North Demands the 'Jara Offer' are as follows;

To start with. Economic activities are not buming due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic: Because of the deadly disease, Customers are pleading that MTN Extends the Jara offer to aid them communicate daily due to the cost effectiveness of the Jara.

In addition, our main source of income in the Western North is cocoa and here is the case our Cocoa trees are dying everyday.

Moreover, Poor network: poor network is one of the major problems facing the people of Western north , this is because when there is an emergency issue at hand, we always find it difficult to get in touch with the appropriate persons on time. This has resulted in rampant stealing , Robbery and many more due to poor Network.

This issue should also be addressed with immediate effect.
Bono region, Ahafo, and Bono East are all farming communities, so why should they enjoy the (MTN JARA) at the expense of Western North? I think this is Unfair , something should be done about it.

We humbly demand that Management of MTN Ghana permits the good people of Western North to enjoy the JARA OFFER without any delay.
We are given MTN Ghana a one week Ultimatum to respond to our appeal, If management fails to adhere to our plea, we will also stop being their Customers.

This has come to my attention as a Student activist and grassroot revivalist to act fast before Customers lose their Trust in MTN Ghana.
I am with much Optimistic that MTN Ghana will listen to the good people of Western North with immediate effect.