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Opinions of Thursday, 4 December 2014

Columnist: Ahmed, Musah

Ludwig Hlodze disorganized the NDC Youth

Ludwig Hlodze disorganized the NDC Youth rather than organizing them.

Evidentially, the youth group marks the larger percentage of the Ghanaian populace and thus could not be neglected, in matters of National development.
It is due to this reason that all political parties in Ghana, have institutionalized and specifically created desks to be in charge of coordinating the activities of youth and thus represent them when it comes to decision making. These coordinators of the various political parties are termed "Youth Organizers", since their primary duties have to do with organizing and coordinating respective youth activities.
Since the year 1992 when Ghana resumed democratic rule, political parties in Ghana have been appointing if not electing Youth Organizers who are mandated with coordinating, directing and organizing youth activities in line with their Political parties' Ideologies.
The two major Political parties in Ghana (The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and The New Patriotic Party (NPP)), have elected dynamic and hardworking Youth organizers who had their serving-youth interests at heart, and worked towards discharging their duties diligently by putting the lives of their members on better pedestal, as they represent them in times of decision making.
The role of the Youth Organizer has since time in memorial become unabated in Ghana's political pursuits, since the youth make up the majority of the Ghanaian electorates, hence a critical Outfit that needs people who are well organized, ready and selfless.
The NDC, which is the ruling political party in Ghana as at date, has elected Youth Organizers to coordinate the activities and affairs of their teaming youth population, since 1992 who have been very effective and up to their duties selflessly, until 2009; where youth delegates from various Constituencies and Tertiary Institutions of the country voted in Mr. Ludwig Hlodze, who has been a disorganizer rather than an organizer to the youth front of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).
Instead of focusing on coordinating and organizing the NDC's youth, he rather concentrated on enriching his passport with foreign visas and travelling experiences; at least an opportunity he could have used to better serve the youth of his party (the NDC).
He was least perturbed with the plight and concerns of the youth who mandated him to represent them during decision making, even to the extent that his two deputies (Barbara Serwaa and James Kofi Fonu) hardly got access to him, as he either decided not to pick their calls or grant them audience at critical times where he was much needed.
Mr. Ludwig, a special aide to the late President Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, was much consumed by the ecstasy of continuously staying at the Presidency and participating in almost all the trips embarked upon by the late President Mills, leaving his two deputies and the NDC Youth to the mercy of their struggle and efforts, as he was never able to pay visits to many of his constituency organizers in finding out what their challenges have been.
Naturally, a leader becomes very happy when his subordinates or followers are able to step in his performing shoes to act on his behalf when the need arises, that was never characteristic of Mr. Ludwig (the Youth Organizer of the ruling NDC) who rather gets displeased which such cover ups.
Myself, just like almost all constituency youth organizers and Tertiary Student leaders of the NDC as well as his deputies, could never believe that it was the same Mr. Ludwig who was voted for to serve the interest of the party youth, and the party at large as he kept on fighting and begrudging any party youth organizer or Tertiary Education Institutional Network of the NDC (TEIN) who was much involved in promoting the NDC within their domain.
Astonishing enough, the National Youth organizer of the largest opposition party (the NPP) and even his regional representatives are able to organize training workshops and seminars for their members, both within Ghana and abroad when that of the NDC, Mr. Ludwig was rather concerned with his private trips and travelling per diems.
Following his neglect and lack of concern for the NDC youth, various volunteer youth groups such as Youth for Mahama, Ladies for Mahama, Zongo for Mahama, Friends of Mahama just to mention a few, were created by concerned NDC youth and sympathizers, in helping to mobilize and canvass for votes support towards seeing President John Dramani Mahama being maintained as the President of the Republic of Ghana; efforts that were indeed fruitful.
Many thought that after the 2012 general election, which saw President Mahama and the NDC re-elected, Mr. Ludwig would be concerned about organizing and coordinating the NDC Youths' activities. It is rather the otherwise that the youth keep recording from his inactions.
His actions and demeanor to date keep disorganizing the NDC youth rather than organizing them, that make many think he should not think of contesting but rather resign for failing the NDC youth. He appears unperturbed and hopes to be maintained as the party's Youth organizer; an interesting development that boosts the appetites of political analysts in seeing what happens after the upcoming December 6th Congress NDC youth congress.
As the outcome of the congress clearly presents the team of Executive who lead the NDC and President John Dramani Mahama into the 2016 general elections, I entreat delegates to be very careful in deciding who takes charge of the youths' affairs and is ready to serve the party's interest selflessly but not someone who would disorganize their front rather than organizing them. This, we can only achieve when stand firm in voting out leaders like Ludwig who are interested in what they make and what the general interests of members who mandate them are.

Vote out Ludwig Hlodze for JM's victory, come 2016.
Long live the NDC.
Long live Ghana.

Musah Ahmed
(Former TEIN President and a Member of the Asawase NDC Communication Team).
0242846857/ 0267571107.

Thank you.