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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Columnist: Sarpong, Nana Yaw

Ludwig Hlodze Should Sacrifice His Blood First

My attention has been drawn to the comments in the Chronicle newspaper by a certain Ludwig Hlodze, who calls himself the Youth Organiser of the NDC. This young man goes to meet members of his party’s youth wing and tells them that they should protect democracy and the Mills government if it means sacrificing their blood. Will Mr Hlodze , a presidential staffer at the castle and some one who was accused by Ex President Rawlings of using motorcades, driving through the streets of Accra stop enjoying all these perks to shed his blood for a president who has failed us to remain in power?
It is only young men like Ludwig who have nothing to offer, who will fill their expensive Toyota V8 tanks with petrol and drive all the way to Kumasi, to tell young men and women to sacrifice their blood for Mills to stay in power. At a time 350,000 of these young men and women as well as graduates are roaming the streets looking for non existent jobs, others struggling to pay their fees and at the time his own government has increased school fees for students by 50%, should he be going about beating ‘atimevu’ war drums?
I challenge Ludwig Hlodze to come out and tell Ghanaians what his government has done for the youth in Ghana. Was he not in London sometime ago with James Agyenim Boateng, Stan Dogbe and others enjoying the highlife with huge per diems, eating at restaurants and watching England and Ghana matches when Mr Abuga Pele chucked out 37,000 young men and women from the National Youth Employment Programme? Where was he when Derrick Adjei went round the country with his so called youth project and wasted huge sums of public funds, funds which could have been used to set up enterprise schemes for young people? Where was he when his government wasted over 1 million dollars on policy fairs which did not created any jobs for anybody? His government led by Professor John Evans Atta Mills is wasting money buying aircrafts and helicopter gunships , to drop ballot boxes in the overseas areas in the north of the country to rig elections next year, while thousands of youth are sleeping in front of shops and on the beaches . What is his social democratic government doing to solve housing problems for our young men and women? protecting democracy is about promoting constructive debate, ideas and development, not insults and blood sacrifice!
I am of the view that no young man and woman , whatever political tradition you belong to should sacrifice their blood for any politician, especially for the well fed NDC Youth Organiser Ludwig Hlodze and his boss President John Evans Atta Mills who promised so much but have failed miserably to fulfil any of their promises. Ludwig Hlodze if he wishes, can start his ritual blood sacrifice with himself and his family members, then we will take him serious.

Nana Yaw Sarpong