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Sports Features of Monday, 25 June 2018


Lordico Promotions: Emerging giants in talent management

Ever heard the phrase “Talent is not enough”? That phrase is true in every sense of the word because many talented individuals have failed to realize their full potential because they lack the discipline, committee, passion and above all the sacrifice it take to reach the very top of the success ladder.

To achieve the ultimate, once needs the perfect talent management and support system that can help talented individuals avoid the distractions that come along the way.

Talent management involves the nurturing and harnessing of talent to its finest stage and building brands that gains world recognition from it.

A talent management firm combines the tedious job of making sure a talent delivers on the field and also taking care of the off the field activities that have the tendency of stalling the progress of the particular talent.

In short, an agent or agency role is to ensure that the player doesn’t lack physically, mentally or emotionally.

In our part of the world talent management still remains a huge problem with mushrooming agencies usually killing off talents with gross mismanagement and badly negotiated deals. Example abounds but we’ll stick with the topic under discourse.

A revelation in the talent management industry is Ghanaian owned but UK-based talent development and management hub Lordico Promotions.

With more than 100 football talents currently under their watch, Lordico promotions is fast becoming the preferred destination for upcoming footballers who have a clear mind of they want to accomplish in their career.

A chat with the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Lord Nana Kwasi Abankwa revealed an innate desire to help talents gain entry into non-league and major league teams in Europe and also have successful careers both on and off the pitch.

“We see ourselves as treasure hunters for new and fresh faces that meet our client’s requirement exactly. This philosophy has made us very successful for many years now. We currently represent more represent more than 100 talents working for large clients from various industries. We are the best place for new talents to develop”, he said.

The company’s works is not restricted to football only, models, athletes and talents of all ages.