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Opinions of Monday, 8 November 2010

Columnist: Atawura, Philip

Lighting systems in the city

Five years ago, a
friends father came down to Ghana and the comment he made was; “Ghana would
soon be like London. The street lights are functioning well”. I guess should he
come today, the reverse statement would be very possible.

Major streets in the
city have malfunctioning street lights. Those poles in no time would become
white elephants. The question is which institution is responsible for running
regulatory checks on street lights? Again, Obama would tell us to strengthen our

The situation becomes
very abysmal when it rain. Pedestrians on pavements would have to take their
bath on the street since most drivers cannot tell possible potholes filled with
water from the main flat street.

Besides, the security
of the nation would be very difficult to maintain. Most night patrol teams
complain that the malfunctioning of street lights poses a difficulty to their

As at last week, all
the way from Nkrumah Circle to Mallam junction was without street lights on. Close
to a year now when I was in Togo, the statement I made was: “You cannot find
this in Ghana”. I was referring to their lack of proper lighting system in
their capital, Lome. I guess I would have to retract that statement.

Not only principal streets
that have malfunctioning street lights. Most parts of Kasoa, a vastly emerging
residential community in the city, don’t have street lights. There have been
several attacks on residents at night and most of them blame it on the situation.

I think this problem
should not only be blamed on the authorities. People residing in such areas can
also help by contributing to purchase street lights. If they do so, I don’t think
ECG authorities would not help them with the installation process.

I hope AMA would not
only tackle structures on streets but would also ensure that theregion has a
better street lighting system.

Atawura Philip

Academy of Young
Writers – Ghana

Creative Writers and
Orators Club