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Lifestyle: Chick magnet alert! What makes a guy the total package

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Some guys just have the uncanny ability to attract every being with a vagina. But what makes a chick magnet so spectacularly irresistible? Find out here.

Some guys just get lucky when it comes to being able to attract girls like a chick magnet. They might not even be that attractive, yet they still seem to get all the ladies, leaving other guys to question how in the hell he does it.

Does he have a magic potion? Or is there some other crazy reason why girls would flock to someone who doesn’t really seem like the type who knows how to please the ladies?

What is a chick magnet?

If you’re struggling to comprehend exactly what a chick magnet is, allow me to shed some light on this. A chick magnet is someone who seems to attract girls at a ridiculous rate. They can make even the pickiest girls want to be around them.

Sometimes, these people are the best looking people you know, and other times, they’re the type of person you think girls would never even want to talk to. But somehow, they have the charisma needed to lure in the ladies and make them want to stay.

How to know if you’re dating a chick magnet

Some might say that dating a chick magnet doesn’t pose any problems. Others would claim that it could cause huge issues in your relationship. Most girls don’t like it when their boyfriend always brings girls around, even if he’s not trying to.

If you’re wondering if the guy you’re dating is a chick magnet, there are some surefire signs that can determine if he is or not. If your current love interest shows any of these signs, then prepare to have girls flocking to him a lot.

#1 He always smells delicious. I would just like to take a moment of appreciation for all the men who put on cologne that smells like it was designed by Greek gods themselves. These men have power over women that they don’t even realize, and it’s all because of a smell-good product in a bottle.

When a guy smells good, it makes all girls what to continue being around him. They will follow him around because it’s simply that enticing. If your man smells amazing all the time, he could be a chick magnet.

#2 He’s hilarious. I think every man who is less fortunate in the looks department can land any girl he wants if he’s funny. Girls love to laugh and also love a guy who is witty enough to keep them on their toes and keep them having fun.

A chick magnet pretty much always has girls laughing no matter what he says. Hilarity is a trait that can be really contagious, and girls will want to be around a guy who makes them have a good time. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#3 He’s kind of a dick. As funny as he is, he can also be kind of an asshole to the ladies. You’d think that girls would only want to hang around someone who is nice to them and who treats them kindly, but the truth is that girls love guys who are a tad bit mean. Hey, maybe there’s something to that bad boy stereotype that’s still alive and well. And a bad boy is usually a chick magnet.

#4 He’s very sensitive. If there’s one thing a girl loves about a guy, it’s that he’s sensitive. He has the ability to be empathetic and actually mean it. Girls are pretty good at telling if a guy is faking his sensitivity or if he actually means it. But when they sense a guy’s genuine soft side, he instantly becomes a chick magnet.

If your man cries often or is upset by things that would normally not affect a “manly” guy, you could be in danger of dating a total chick magnet and not even realizing it. [Read: Sensitive sides: Should men embrace male femininity?]

#5 He asks a lot of deep questions. I think we can all agree that most girls love to talk, especially about themselves. That’s why when there’s a guy around who will ask girls all sorts of things about their lives, they tend to stick by them all the time.

If the guy you’re dating tends to ask everyone deep personal questions, it could mean that he’s a chick magnet. Girls will follow him around like crazy for the opportunity to talk about themselves.

#6 He talks about his life and his family. Girls hate trying to pry into the life of a guy. We like when someone tells us about themselves without having to force them to.

This means that if the guy you’re dating has a knack for telling people about himself and his family, then he could be a chick magnet. Girls love a guy who cares deeply for his family, and they will likely want him all the more for it.

#7 He can make just about any girl blush. Flattery is a powerful tool in the hands of a man. It’s even more powerful if a guy can make a girl blush without even trying to. If he can sincerely compliment her in such a subtle way that he barely realizes he’s doing it, he’s a definite chick magnet. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

#8 He’s a great conversationalist. Like I mentioned before, girls typically love to talk. So if your man can hold a conversation with virtually anyone and make it a great one at that, he could be a chick magnet.

Girls like men who can keep them talking and interested. So if the guy you’re dating is really chatty with everyone, you may need to watch out!

#9 He smiles all the time. When people smile, they’re basically telling everyone in the vicinity that they’re not a threat. Humans throughout the ages have used smiling as a means to display peace and trust. This has followed humans through evolution and still instills a sense of trust when we see people smiling often.

#10 They’re confident as all hell. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities there is. No matter how good-looking a guy is, if he has confidence and girls realize it, they’re going to be all over him. If this sounds like the man you’re dating, he’s a total chick magnet.

There can be some trouble when you’re dating a chick magnet because you always have to ward off other women. In order to be prepared for this, you’ll want to know if your man is a chick magnet, and these signs will tell you for sure.