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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Columnist: Sylvester Forson

Letter to the President

Dear Mr President, I hope this letter meets you in the best of health. In the past couple of days, there have been several objections and reservations from individuals and associations both within and outside the country over your decision to commence the construction of our National Cathedral as part of our sixtieth anniversary as a nation.

Whiles some argue against the ideology with emphasis to our constitution stating terminologies like religious bias et cetera, others are claiming and stressing that it is a misplaced priority, considering the gargantuan need for better infrastructure, in lieu of your responsibility as president to oversee the delivery of improved living standards for the people of Ghana.

There are others who also contend against the planned location since it has resulted in the need to relocate Judges who were occupants of the proposed site, indeed, the financial implications that come with the accommodation for these relocated judges depreciates the argument raised by the Christian Council of Ghana that government has no hand in the funding of our National Cathedral.

What is seemingly surprising is the ‘silence’ of most individuals and recognized bodies who support your decision to build our National Cathedral.
Nothing good comes easy as there are several examples of past presidential decisions that were initially met with stiff condemnations yet continue to yield colossal benefits to us as a country after implementation; a perfect and contemporary example is the Jubilee House which is the current seat of government.

Your Excellency, as a country at age sixty-one, our National Cathedral is long overdue and your decision to construct it in your tenure of office must be highly commended however, I am of the opinion that if you took ‘private responsibility’ of this construction by donating your personal seed money for its commencement whiles you mobilize good friends of yours and the churches who have capacity and are willing to support you achieve this magnificent feat on a personal level, it will go a long way to serve as a memorial for you and your descendants for many years to come, especially, anytime the nation holds thanksgiving services in our National Cathedral.

This singular act of yours will wean it off the impression that the taxpayers' money is been spent on the construction of a national cathedral at the expense of all the other pressing issues the country is currently faced with.

I am hopeful that your 13-member National Cathedral Board of Trustees (as well as other well-wishers) will adequately support you in raising the needed funds for this all-important project.

My very best regards