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Opinions of Monday, 12 March 2018

Columnist: Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah

Letter to Zylofon Media CEO Nana Appiah Mensah - NAM1

CEO of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah CEO of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah

Brouhaha of Zylofon Music & Media

Dear NAM1,

I am one of the numerous admirers from afar because of my ardent faith in the youth to champion the development of our nation.

It behoves on us fellow young minds to see to the success of another young mind business in an era where around the globe young people are breaking frontiers and status quo.

The brouhaha with your new baby Zylofon music and media seems escalating as every minutes pass by because something does not seem right.

All that is happening is a clear sign that a certain needs assessment for the right managerial structure must be done.

Zylofon Music and Media must be able to run as a private and fully fledged corporate entity where people to be hired must not be just from a perceived entertainment industry. Restructuring of your organogram is very important and must be done ASAP. Total overhaul I mean.

The PR unit appears to be your Achilles hill and it stems also from the earlier point made about managerial structure that must be tailored to best practices.

It appear most employees don't understand that the number and highest stakeholder of Zylofon Music and Media is the republic not your cash or investment.

It is also obvious that most sees only the cash mind not the business mind so they have assumed all saint hood status. Until the broader vision of Zylofon music and media can be embedded into the individual employees vision, there will be conflict of personal vision as well as adopted ones they bring from former jobs with the entities vision.

Almost everyone from Zylofon music and media is on social media defending, deep down it isn't about the entity but their stomach interest.

The republic never contributed an iota of the the challenges, we are only responding or reacting to what has come from Zylofon.

But all write ups in defense see the reactions as hatred, none of these comments from staff has put the people’s interest in your business above their rebuttals.

It must not take you to use your handle to always appear doing the PR job.

When two elephants lock horns it is the forest that suffers.

Brand Zylofon music and media is on the decline and has reached a crises level that needs a strategic approach to salvage it.

There must be a manager of HR whose job is to handle all such HR issues, artistes’ manager whose job is to take care of artistes’ interest, ops manager for all logistics relates and General Manager who must have final say in all happenings etc just to cite example.

It appears PR unit has become all powerful leading the brand to oblivion.

A GM must approve all PR works because it appears none is really checking or has got a final say on all PR gimmicks.

Must Zylofon FM always be used for clarification purposes which so far it had proven unfruitful?

The brand signs artistes on, and their success must stem from your brand to benefit both sides. No brand must rise individually above the collective brand.

NAM1 the future of jobs by world economic forum isn't about bots or AI alone but how it affects entertainment too.

Out of the 10 points it appears only Creativity that Zylofon music and Media has, the entity is deficient of solving of complex problem like Shatta and Stone bouy, critical thinking to know that your business exist because of the republic, emotional intelligence to manage resources and people, coordinating with other stakeholders for smooth industry etc

If the republic loses interest in brand Zylofon, where lies its prowess.
I believe that, you will make happenings at Zylofon music and media interest your time to pay some attention.

Make it matter to you just like other businesses takes you out of the country consistently. We are talking about your hard earn investment

Something good such as Zylofon records can come out of Nazareth but it needs professional and good caretakers.

All those who sees us the republic as the problem and haters don't wish your business well, after it isn't their investment.

They lack the insight that it is us the people what will see to the success of such a noble idea.

Thank you

Yours in transformation