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Opinions of Saturday, 21 November 2009

Columnist: Avornyo, Bright Selasie Yao

Letter to Rawlings


Mr former president of the republic of mother Ghana, flt left Jerry JOHN Rawlings, I salute your majesty where ever you may be around the globe. I am grateful to your immense contribution to Ghana in terms of democracy and development. You are such a dedicated person so far as Ghana democracy and development is concerned and may the almighty God reward you for that and live long to see all your dreams come true. I must also, commend you for mustering courage during the eight year rule of the New Patriotic Party NPP under the leadership of his excellency JOHN AgyekumKuffour.

Mr Rawlings, as I have already pen out, since your childhood to date, you have sacrificed a lot, that is, you were imprisoned and your finger nails were wickedly removed but the GOD that sent you to his people did not fail you in any way. He still spare you life and now you are looking gentle and handsome, healthy physically but inwardly you are not. One can only understand you if such person put his foot into your shoe. You always fights against corruption and freedom for your beloved country, Ghana.

In spite of these, I should be humble to say that all these require time and patience. It is often translated from our Ewe local language that, "patience made it possible for one to get an ant's intestine". The cat I am trying to let out of the bag is that, during the 2008 general election, some graphics published on their front pages that electorate should not vote for the National Democratic Congress NDC because when they did, you the former president Jerry Rawlinygs would only take over. As I have heard about this political sayings I asked myself these questions; What would provoke you from taking over power from the then candidate Mills? Who may second the idea of going back to those days despite it brought us grate benefit today? When will such taking of power take place? Why may you flout the demands of the1992 constitution of the republic of mother Ghana? Where can this happened and how would the outside world see us as Ghanaian s.

Mr Rawlings I am of the view that President professor John Evans Atta Mills was a teacher and civilian. He is despite slow BUT sure of what he is doing. He shall surely deliver on his campaign promise made to Ghanaian s during the electioneering. He should please be given chance and peace of mind to govern because majority of Ghanaian s had seen the competency of taking them to the promise land at the end of his term of office. I am not happy about the sentiment you have being expressing about PRESIDENT Mills during occasions and I humbly request, that if there is any advice to be given to him, it should be given in close door as well as settle all grievances. This is because, it is the hope and wish for your enemies to break the party and prevent it from implement your democratic ideologies. let us not let the vulture sit on our fence and the enemy rejoice in the downfall of the party. Let us stop the factionalism among the party and unit to build the true better Ghana.