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Opinions of Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Letter to President Mahama

You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat.Prepare your room to celebrate your victory. I'm sure you will agree with me that;Every wise pregnant couple prepares for baby way before it is born.They don't say, well, let us wait and see if there will be no miscarriage or a still born. No, they go ahead and prepare a room or space, they prepare clothes, toys, and some even move into a bigger house in readiness of the new member of the family.Determined people who want to lose weight, go ahead and buy new outfits; new beautiful dresses and suits of the sizes they want to reach. I know some have already grasped the revelation here. The football teams playing the finals, prepare on how they are going to celebrate when they win, how they are going to dance. Their attitude is, let's print out these champions' T-shirts to put on "when we win"... Not "if we win."If you have ever seen a boxer being interviewed before his fight, I am sure you have observed that his attitude is that he will so beat down his competitor to the point that he will never want to fight him again.

In this case, he does not say, "Eeeiii, the man am fighting is good fighter, or he is a champion, so I am not very sure if I am going to win"... No.The boxer will actually prepare on how to celebrate his victory after taking the championship from the other boxer. Listen carefully Mr.president, this is spiritual principle, but even to those who are not saved when they apply it, it works for them, what more you who is in the spirit.I raised this concern because talking to any prominent members both party and government,they keeping using the supreme court proceeding as excuses. Mr.President, DO NOT LET DOUBT KNOCK YOU DOWN. Prepare how you are going to celebrate your victory. Do not say, "Eeeii, lets just see if it will work first." THAT IS NOT FAITH. When you have the 'maybes' or the doubts, I promise you that you are most likely to lose. That thing telling you that, 'what if you will not make it?' sounds very reasonable most times, but it is doubt. Go ahead now, and print nice posters for that final verdict.You can even go ahead and hang the empty frame on your wall,in preparation for your victory. Do not doubt and say, "what if I fail." Go ahead and buy a nice key holders for the keys of that victories cars you are aspiring to have. Go ahead and start dressing up for the presidency position. This are just few examples I have used,but in everything in this life that you want to succeed in, start practicing the victory dance Mr .President. Whether you have a sickness now, or any kind of infirmity start preparing for the celebrations of your victory, because you are a victor,Insha Allah. Celebrate what you want to see more of.


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