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Opinions of Thursday, 30 April 2020

Columnist: Comrade Azeko

Letter to Paul Adom-Otchere

Paul Adom-Otchere Paul Adom-Otchere

Dear Paul, It is my sincerest hope this letter gets to you in good spirit. The desire to communicate with you via this medium is a compelling one. What is wrong with you?

Yes! Something is certainly wrong with you. How often do you go for a mental checkup? Sorry! But is a normal routine thing we encourage all sane persons to do. It however, becomes therapy for insane persons. Frankly, I recommend you go for psychotherapy. Ok! Easy! I see you are becoming nervous, keep the tantrums! Hahahaha

Sir, I suggest we deal with your delusion first. What makes you have that false belief of supremacy? Yes! Unfortunately, that's where we are now. Just listen to your colleagues in the field. The likes of Manasseh Azure Awuni were just moderate by describing you as a LIAR. I think is a grandeur delusion.

Come along with me down memory lane. In the early 200O, I had a short course in Pantang Psychiatry Hospital. Here was a 45yr old Man diagnosed with Grandeur delusion. Due to his mental insanity he told us he was the "Jesus" Christians were waiting for. And that he was just patiently waiting for the Angel to blow the trumpet. Normal of such characters, he will not respond to any name except, "Jesus".

Paul cure that defect. Fix that insanity Now. Your recent vitriolic attack on the person of a very respected female MP, Hon. Zanetor Rawlings came to many as a surprise. But to me, I knew it was the insanity that needed to be fixed. If you doubt me just go to Pantang and go through a vigorous mental assessment test and see if we all won't be on the same wavelength.

Your posturing of a superior being sitting high up and reprimanding others makes me remember my patient."Jesus"! Unfortunately, yours seem to be a malignant one. Yes? Sorry! But to have such insanity with hypocrisy is just akin to a death warrant.

Boom! Our President is addressing the nation. As usual, nice scripts. I genuinely hope they didn't steal portions of this script and mend them for His Excellency to eloquently Read? Sir, can you also see the old man is wearing off? The pandemic seems to be pulling him down gradually. In fact, this is a difficult time for anyone in his shoes. Wait oooooh, take a second look. His pronouncement makes me confused as to whether he is fighting the pandemic or doing politics as usual. He just mentioned the construction of some 88 district hospitals, 6 regional hospitals. Guess what? No source of funding. One can conclude that he's superannuated and needs some respite. Thankfully, the Man from Bole is ready to steer us out of the woods

Mr. Paul Adom Otchere, all this while I've always held you high up, believing you are part of the learned fraternity. Poor me! I blame my own laziness. I could have simply gone through the gazetted register of lawyers. But you see, once again your showmanship and grandiosity swept me away. By the way, how come you failed the bar exam? You see, delusion is not only a mental defect, but it also rears its ugly face in the academic field too. At this point, psychotherapy is a necessity. Sir, I advised you go for the group psychotherapy. Yeah! You will meet people with weird thought processes. Here it becomes a humbling ground for you to begin with.

My wife asked me to add this. She says, your show has become her second Akan Drama show. Congratulations! You're are timely for correcting a domestic problem in my home. My worry, however, is the managers of Metro TV. Why keep such comedian on a serious platform like this? We missed the days of Robert Nii Ardey Clegg. That Guy has impeccable records!

Finally, when the "factory reset" happens and all things fall in place, I shall write a more lovely letter to you. Today, I needed to be so sincere.

Yours ever, Comrade Azeko.