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Opinions of Thursday, 9 April 2009

Columnist: Akumey-Affizie, Nunya

Letter to Hon. Ata Akyea

Dear learned one,

I am inclined to believe that you are one of the intelligent lawyers of good standing with a wealth of experience in this country. As a young man, I also see you as an assertive, sagacious and tenacious politician determined to leave your footprints in the Ghanaian political sands of history.

All the above not withstanding, I shudder greatly at some actions, postures and stance you adopted and assumed during the parliamentary vetting committee proceedings.

You would agree with me that even a somnambulist can deduce from your line of questioning that, you are a surrogate of Nana Akuffo Addo by virtue of your utterances and line of questioning during the vetting proceedings. To start with, you embarked upon a fruitless exercise which in my estimation is a watery effort to “clear” the name of Nana Addo for his alleged involvement in drug related issues that cropped up in the run-up to the December 2008 elections.

You also obviously got yourself worked up anytime a hard-line politician nominated for a position appeared before the vetting committee. Prominent among the nominees were Mr. Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey, Rojo Mettle Nunno and Ama Benyiwa Doe.

During the vetting of Mr. Kwetey, you virtually reduced yourself to a political pugilist while fusillading the nominee.

Hon.Ata Akyea, you would again agree with me that, your line of questioning was hubris and mundane.

Even though some of the Minority leader’s questions also gravitated towards getting Mr. Fiifi Kwetey to concede to some wrongs in his reportage in the crystal clear lens, your energies unfortunately were all channeled, garnered and tailored towards giving Nana Addo a “good name”.

The degree of incongruity of your questions as opposed to those asked by other members of the committee like Hon. Dr.Opoku Prempeh is a clear indication that you are surrogating for Nana Addo on the committee. Again juxtaposing your position with that of other members of the committee, unfortunately your level of pugnacity and vituperation was unmatched.

Hon. I strongly believe that, Nana Addo himself might not have that level of bitterness against those peddling such allegation about him so I cannot comprehend why you should reduce such a vital National exercise as parliamentary vetting to an enterprise of “reputation dressing” venture. I perfectly agree with you that, the nominees would have to account for statements they made on their campaign platforms which turned out to be a departure from correctitude. Infact some even apologized where it was needed, but sir you would agree with that, those position of the nominees should not be exploited to pursue an agenda of “name saving” at the expense of the committee’s work.

I believe strongly that you have noticed some of these obvious biases in your actions during the proceedings.

Even though you were excellent on some occasions, I strongly believe that you have exhibited an overbearing defense of your predecessor. I mean Nana Addo.

Finally for your information, I admire your role in the committee’s work. I hope my comments, opinions and observations are decorous and civil to your person.

Thank you Sir and may you live long.

Author: Akumey-Affizie Nunya LSJ