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Opinions of Friday, 30 October 2015

Columnist: Richard Sarpong

Letter to Afoko: The success of NPP is partly binding on you

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Dear Sir,

I bring you my warmest greeting from the Atwima Kwanwoma constistuency. First of all, I wish to register my shock to your suspension when the news broke on almost all the hottest media last week. Even up to now, I still have to my shock as to whatever prompted the NEC and National council of Elders gunner interest in your suspension.

However, I am not in the position to either oppose or defend the sanctions laid against you as the national chairman of the New Patriotic Party, but like any other issues that crops up; I have the constitutional rights and freedom to share my own piece of idea.

Please Sir, some of us have had the opportunity to be alive and witnessed the whole lots of circumstances that has bedeviled your highest office as the chairman of the NPP right from the very first day of your chairmanship.

To be honest with you, some of the happenings are too bad to be recalled. To someone like me, those were just symptoms of a hungry opposition party who needed victory to salvage its nationals from the current mess of the John Mahama led administration.

In short, I called all those happenings as mere struggles…….but do you know why? It was because you were somebody I have tried your competence in the party and I felt everything was going to be fine under your august authority within the shortest possible time.

Shockingly, I had different results from you as national chairman of the party. To a point, some of the same delegates who cheered you up and voted for you at the Tamale congress had regretted voting for you. A development which was too early to emanate from your own kingmakers.

The battle of 2016 needs a unifier and dream- maker to lead the NPP to victory. The NPP needs a warrior and someone who was ready to sacrifice his or her entire life for the party. The promises you made that fateful day at the Tamale congress and the oath you took before you assumed office were left behind the very first day you officially assumed work. Yes, your actions were not led by the oath of office!

Dear Sir, I would want you to always remember one thing in life: “that no matter your position today, someone has been there before you”.

There were chairmen before you. From Mr. Haruna Esseku, the party has had different persons as chairmen before you and none of them had it all on a silver platter. They all had their respective challenges but to me, none of them got the party so thorn apart like we see in your term. I don’t know how you will receive the meaning of my piece; you may classify is something from a person who doesn’t want you in office but I wish to make it clear that, I am one of those people who openly campaigned for you at the Atwima Kwanwoma constituency and also on the various social media platforms such as facebook and others without receiving a penny from you. The records are there for you to run checks to satisfy your doubts if any.

Again, in your term of office, I saw one thing about your leadership which contradicted my earlier perceptions about you. It may be difficult for some of your astute supporters like myself to tell, but I wouldn’t do you any good to hide it from you. Your office as national chairman closed your eyes and ears from other executive and constitutional bodies of the party. You unilaterally took some stands that were not in the supreme interest in the lower ranks and majority of the party followers. Typical examples are the change of national membership cards, the sacking of the then directors of finance and communications. Clearly, all these things never followed the due processes they ought to have followed.

How can you sack a national officer without the requisite national executive and constitutional approval just because you are the chairman? The party is bigger than your office and that of your general secretary.

Before I conclude, I would want to pass some advice. If I were you, engaging the media in this serious angle of my political life will be the last thing to do. Per the democratic principles of the parties constitution, you have the chance to make an appeal to the National Council of the party which is the highest decision making body of the NPP. Please, use the appropriate [fathers] of the party in solving any issues surrounding your unfortunate suspension. Talking to the media, issuing press statements cannot and will not reverse the fact that you are suspended indefinitely as chairman.

You can also sacrifice your position for the good interest of the party to ensure victory in 2016. With that, I believe you will be one of the biggest party heroes of our time.

I would again advise that, if you fail in your bid to seek redress through the national council, you may decide to let sleeping dogs lie… it may not be easy for you to do as you will be heavily vilified by some of your own close associates and a section of the media but I wish to remind you that, all is not lost. The major thing is to help the party win and I am sure, you will be compensated. So the good sacrifices you will make today may earn you a bigger office than you have now. History has your name as one of the NPP chairman even if your maker calls you today.

Sir, your actions now will determine the party’s fortunes in 2016. You may let sleeping dogs lie or better still use the appropriate means of resolving grievances in the party. We are watching you, the world is waiting your maturity in response to your suspension and matters surrounding it. You have the freedom to build a good or bad image for yourself today in the history f the NPP. All is set and done……..the ball is in your court.

Thank you.
The writer:
Richard Sarpong