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Opinions of Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Columnist: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch

Letter From The President: Pray for our nation

Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents, the third month of the year, always reminds me of our failings as a nation. We often go to the Independence Square to march in ?celebration? of our nationhood. But I don?t enjoy these celebrations at all. In fact, I think there is nothing for us to celebrate.

I feel that instead of marching on 6th March, we should all gather at the Independence Squaring, wearing sack cloth with our bodies smeared with ashes. Then at my signal, we will cry ? for our nation. This, for me, is the best way to mark our independence. But since I don?t rule this country alone (unfortunately) I can?t force my ideas on you. So for a long time to come, even long after I am gone, we will continue to march on 6th March. In addition to the march, I will suggest that we pray for our nation. As things stand now, I think that it will only take divine intervention for our nation to be restored to the prosperity it enjoyed before or immediately after 6th March, 1957.