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Opinions of Friday, 28 May 2004

Columnist: Fukuor, J. A.

Letter From The President: Chasing a Mirage?

Countrymen and women, bootlickers and praise-singers
It?s interesting how our country has been abuzz over the past weeks with the controversy over that small loan from the Chinese company which operates from a small barbershop in London. It seems to me that our journalists have lost focus. They all seem to be running in one direction, chasing the same sources and writing stories which are so similar that variety no longer seems to be the spice of life.

Honestly, I am sad that I am writing about this loan matter. If you remember, I mentioned it briefly in the ?Money Palaver? letter I wrote some two weeks ago and I thought it would have ended there. Sadly, our journalists who have suddenly become experts in international finance and the legalities of incorporating a company are now hounding each other over who has conducted the best investigations into whether or not CNT is a real company. Right now, our country has been divided over this issue and I am getting a little angry over all this nonsense.