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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Columnist: Latif, Alhassan Abdul

Let us not leave them behind

God in His own wisdom created man in a shape that he wanted him. He continues to let him multiply in different shapes He wants him. Creation of man is not by his own will but, by the Supreme will of the Supreme Being. Is of no one’s choice to be created either an African or European. Same it is of no one’s choice to be created normal or abnormal… Though subjected to relativity, the terms normality and abnormality are perceived differently by every society. What is deemed normal in Ghana may not be viewed normal in the United Kingdom and vice versa. No wonder psychologists agree not on a single definition of abnormality as cultures differ.

Notwithstanding the relativity of abnormality, catholically, abnormality is often delineated to possession, destitution or madness. All these categories of people are as well humans as the claim normalcy. They need to enjoy social welfare as any ordinary person. They need to be shown brotherly love. They need not to be treated as lower class animals. We need not to show only sympathy towards them, but also be empathetic because nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. Sometimes it takes just a wrong prescription by a Medical Doctor to put you in their shoes. It takes just a single traumatic event to put you in their category. It takes just loss of a loved one to make you like them. And do you know when any of these things may happen hence, make you abnormal? No! Let’s ponder over this!! It leaves nobody out; be you a teacher, an accountant, a banker, a student, a trader or a politician….you can be “abnormal” just because of a single daily hassle.

It saddens me when I see the destitute or mentally retarded been molested, lampooned and humiliated by people. Some people just take the destitute or mentally retarded to be vegetables and imbeciles but, I bet you they are not!! Look, some of them as you see them are wiser than some claim “normal ones”. Never belittle their knowledge, wisdom and intelligence.

In fact, is about time authorities worked on welfare of this category of people. The government, private agencies and wealthy individuals should challenge themselves to help clothe and feed these people. In my opinion, the government should see it as a prior responsibility to ensure comprehensive protection for these people.

I share the opinion of Martin Luther King who stated “mentally sick people should be cared for humanely by their families and if they refused, they should for coerced to cater for them. Truly, I side with the Protestant. The mentally sick patients should at all times be catered for by their families and it should not just be caring on the lips but, it should be catering by action.

I felt truly satiated when I heard there is one Dr. David Abdulai at Sheikhinah clinic in Tamale who feeds and clothes and gives a great humane treatment to these social minorities. If this man can, why can’t you and I? We can also do in our own atom- weight- ways. Let us not leave them behind, let’s help them, they are from among us, they never chose to be the way they are.

Thank you.

Alhassan Abdul Latif