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Opinions of Saturday, 10 January 2009

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo

Let the healing begin Prof An open letter

‘Now lies he there and none to do him homage’ This is Mark Anthony , soon after the Great Caesar was assassinated . They had quickly forgotten all the good works he had done for them. Have we changed since those lines were written by Shakespeare?

Dear Prof , since we the veranda boys have decided you should lead us, I am writing to remind you that we have very fickle minds . The task before you enormous made worse by the global financial crisis created by uncontrolled capitalism, that exists. We have relied on borrowing and Aid for our developmental needs and wants. Prof you know they say ‘charity begins at home’ so these sources are going to be more difficult to access . Well you just have to ensure you generate funds from home to fund your projects . You know sometime ago I was in school and they taught me about psychology . I think one of them was called Maslow . He had a needs hierarchy starting with basic needs of food , then safety and housing . I am suggesting you start from there as ‘a hungry man is an angry man’ You know how we used to go on strike because of bad food at college ?

How can we be using so much of our scarce foreign exchange to import food in an agricultural nation . So please let us start with agriculture . You know the young ones also voted for you so let us put up apartments they can rent as Nkrumah used to do . You know he also built factories so the agricultural produce can be turned into manufactured products . Prof please look seriously at the trade agreements and where possible revise them . You know we have neighbors like Togo, Benin and Nigeria . Do not look at them as sub humans and break the borders instead of closing them so we can trade .I have not forgotten about the West and the North .

The fishermen are also crying about their fishing , please tackle it urgently . You know Cmdr Nunoo used to sing ‘Glorious Kuzuinick’ also so tell him to protect the fishermen. Worse still he is from Accra, so he knows the needs of us the fisher folk. Instead of yo ke garri , sometimes we need komi ke kenam But tell JJ not to borrow kenam from davi . any more .

You know we need other sources of energy so make it a priority .

Prof you remember last year when Rtd Col Quashigah talked of the culture and all the dances we have and how we can use these for tourism? I think it is a good idea especially with our golden beaches if only we will stop shitting there and making the shit into floating boards .

Why is Valco still lying idle.? Why have we not been able to open up the Alumina plant, Can it not also be one of our priorities Prof . I am sure you will find a way to get the houses numbered and so promote home delivery of mail . This will also help collect monies for water and electricity and property taxes . You know when people borrow money for business , they can more easily be traced and the monies retrieved so others can also have money for their projects as well

Finally I could continue for a long time but we have only four years , but do not forget relevant education . You see we have my bother from Pekyi who grew up in Kyebi but has to do research in New York library . He was a stomach politician so build another Ankaful for him . I know you are from Central so you know the type of people who are kept there . Also the tribalist Justice Sarpong in Houston . Please help them to become fully educated . Unite the nation and use the best of the Human resources . We do not need to die in Gambia and Gabon and be jailed in China through to Italy .as illegals Prof may God give you the wisdom of Solomon and the years of Mathusela . Forward to the United States of Africa

Kojo Tamakloe