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Opinions of Saturday, 26 February 2011

Columnist: Ablordeppey, Samuel

Let’s face it! Nana Addo got it all wrong

Let’s face it! Nana Addo got it all wrong with his all die be die statement
Story by-Samuel Ablordeppey

‘’We will not sit idly by and allow some persons to throw this country into a
state of chaos jut to satisfy their self -centred and inordinate political
desires’’-President Mills.

It is two years into the President Mills led government yet the presidential
candidate of the largest opposition party is Paranoid of the 2012 Presidential

One would have thought that Nana Addo instead of imbuing in the supporters his
vision and mission of why he wants to be president ‘at all cost’, The NPP
candidate and some party gurus are going round the country preaching ‘WAR’.
It was threatening to hear Nana Addo when he visited the Eastern region as part
of his nationwide tour preaching the essence of WAR to his teeming supporters as
he said, ‘’the NDC wants to intimidate supporters and members of the NPP in the
yet to come 2012 presidential elections we showed them something small at the
Atiwa bye election and we must do it again after all, all die be die’.

With all intent and purposes NanaAddo’s statement can’t and should not be taken
for granted. For a man seeking to be the chief executive of the country talking
about an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth cannot be said to know exactly
what he wants from Ghanaians.

Nana Addo’s recent comments especially the one on ‘all die be die’ and the need
for Akans to rise and battle the other tribes must be scrutinised by the
security agencies because he is inciting people against government and trying to
call for a revolt!

Nana Addo from all indications is paranoid that failing to be president is
rather a curse therefore whatever it will take to ‘destabilise the country’
should he loose the 2012 presidential elections he will not relent to execute
that agenda.

Nana’s quest to use ethnocentric devises to divide the nation and set the good
people of Akan against other tribes should not be countenanced by anyone not
even the astute members of his party the NPP.

In his 2011 state of the Nation address President Mills said ‘’we have no other
place called home; that is why we must allow the things that unite us to
override the things that divide us’’.
‘’Whether we are from the East, West, North nor South, we are all Ghanaians. No
one group is superior to the others; we are one people with a common destiny so
we must forge ahead with a united sense of purpose of building a nation that
this generation and posterity will be proud of’’ President Mills added.
I hear members of the opposition NPP struggling to rationalise the ‘’all die be
die comments’’ and I cringe. The potential of unjustifiably inciting people
against a government is rather dangerous and those comments needed to be
condemned beyond measure. After all there is no two Ghana!

A staunch member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Nrurudeen
Mohammed said ‘if Nana feels that the country would turn like Ivory Coast or
Egypt or Kenya then he should think and think again but if he tries, his own
party people will bury him alive because Ghana is not ready for WAR’’
Aside from Akufu Addo’s threatening and thought provoking statements some
stalwarts of the NPP are also speaking likewise let’s take former Ghana’s
Ambassador to Serbia Nyaho Tamakloe who said ‘’2012 presidential elections is
not going to be a conventional WAR this is a figure of speech it’s going to be a
Whatever figure of speech it was Nyaho must be made to explain, the time has
come for Ghanaians to hold our political leaders accountable not only about
abuse of office but also their utterances. More often than not these political
figures tend to take advantage of the conscience of the majority of the populace
and bamboozle their way through unconventionally though.
Does Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe know the ramifications of what he said which some Radio
stations have been plying as jingles? oh what a joke! Has he seen or experienced
WAR and for that matter GUERILLAWAR before? Are the casualties going to be
members of the NDC only? I suppose he doesn’t know, if so he should contact the
more experienced people like Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah who is the security
advisor to the President or Major General Arnold Quianoo.
Ghanaians are peaceful and will not go to WAR despite the political differences
and will do everything possible to collectively protect the integrity of the
country’s fledging democracy. The verdict of the people is what would have to be
respected and not a ‘useless bloodshed.
The likes of the National youth organiser of the opposition NPP Anthony Karbo
and others have all made similar comments, Ataa Okoe is an octogenarian and
stays at Pig Farm and said in an interaction with me that ‘’The Dankwa-Busia
tradition has a penchant for violence as a means to lead, they did it to Dr.
Kwame Nkrumah and if President Mills and his government does not checkmate them,
the president will be taken by surprise by these morons’’
A member of parliament for the NPP and owner of Oman fm and Net 2 TV was also
heard on a local radio station threatening to kill. Such impudence and
irresponsible statement can only be allowed here in Ghana, in other
jurisdictions he would have been hauled to a comprehensive questioning. But he
also speaks and goes scot free; these warmongers must be watched closely from a
distance for they can cause mischief. But they dare not try.
‘’The President is being too nice and gentle to the people who come in sheep
clothes but are wolfs, they must be watched closely and be made to answer to
some of the dangerous statements they make. Ataa Okoe said.
It is incumbent on Nana Addo to realise that the presidency is not monarchy
neither a destiny, it is God that puts up kings and queens and one can surely
not posses what doesn’t belong to him. It doesn’t work that way!
Sounding the WAR bells this early by the Commander in chief of the NPP, Nana
Akufo Addo and his subjects will not cow Ghanaians into fear and make them hide
under bushels. Rather they will come out massively and prove to the ‘enemies of
the state’ that it is the ‘KOKROMOTI’ that that does the job and certainly not
President Mills could not has said it any better ‘’Ghana will not die; Ghana
will live to proclaim the work of God.

Perhaps, the words of Rev. Gershon Addo a political priest will be a good advice
for the NPP leader. He said ‘’ Nana Addo’s actions even before 2012 elections is
enough to inform Ghanaians that he has nothing better to offer the good people
of Ghana’’

‘’He has lost the battle even before the electoral commission (EC) whistles for
the commencement of the political game, he has lost it pure and simple’’ Gershon
Addo said.

Let us all irrespective of our political coloration rally behind cooperate Ghana
for unity in development and build a better nation.