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Opinions of Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Columnist: Hillia, Small

Let's call a spade a spade as sissala's

Dear distinguished guest, chiefs, opinion leaders, honourable members, fellow young democrats, media men present, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for making it to this important forum. I am surprised about your numbers though short notice. We are sorry for the late start of the program. We first and foremost thank God for His mercies and blessing on our dear country, Ghana. We also thank our able and hardworking President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama for his patience, charisma and matured leadership skills. Indeed, Mr President you are the first gentleman in Ghana and the finest gentleman in our generation. We the young democrats in sissala land are proud of you and once again congratulates you on your affirmation as the legally elected president of Ghana, His Excellency Nlo lon. Thank you also, for seeing the selfless, charismatic and leadership qualities in our grandfather, father, brother, and son Hon Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman and appointed him as the Minister of Roads and Highways.
Mr President, you are indeed a father for all, listening and hearing father. Mr President, we young democrats believe you have trust and believe in the tireless and leadership qualities of Hon Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman. We once again congratulates Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman for been appointed Minister of Roads and Highways. We Young democrats believe in you, Hon Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman that you can deliver on the promises and aspirations of the president and Ghanaians. Hon. Minister, we know you as a principled, dedicated, selfless, discipline, hardworking, responsible, approachable, versatile, brainy and respectful gentleman of our time. You have also delivered all your promises. You support needy students, help secured scholarships for students and guided some of us. All these emanated when you were Member of Parliament, Ambassador, Regional Minister, and now Road Minister. No wonder His Excellency made you one of his cabinet minister. We know you have done it before and you would do it even better. Mr. President, we young democrats would assure you that with Hon Alhaji Amidu Suleman, all our roads are now tarred and secured. Road accidents would now be history. Hon Alhaji Amin Suleman's prayers and dream is our roads and how he can develop them to meet the needs of Ghanaians. We know the Almighty God have listened and would answer your prayers.
Fellow members, distinguished guess, this is the time for us to rally behind these two visionary leaders of our generation. Mr. President, all these attest to the reasons why Hon Alhaji is always in the front line of Politics in Ghana and In the Sissala Land. He is always on top his game and call to duty. He have been touring all the road projects in the country to have a firsthand information on the progress of our roads. Hon. Alhaji, what a leader and Road Minister , you are indeed a genius and born leader. You are a real leader not a boss.
Fellow comrades gathered here, we wish if all Ministers were like Hon Alhaji Amin Suleman , Ghana would be more developed in few years to come. Hon. You are indeed a beacon of the youth, the landmark of Sissalas and model for young democrats. You have always lived an exemplarily life for us to fellow. We admire and adore your leadership styles and skills. We like your approach to issues and contributions to the development of Sissala land and mother Ghana for that matter. You have what it takes to be the next president of this country. Mr. President, Hon. Minister have also washed his hands well that is why he eats with you. He is a model and a tool for development as has demonstrated by his current road tours to affirm role projects deadlines are met as scheduled. This is the kind of leaders we need for this generation of ours. He means development and development is his agenda and name. Fellow comrades gathered here, let's all continue to pray and rally our gargantuan support for his Excellency and Hon Alhaji Amin Suleman for their selfless leadership qualities. We know with Hon. Minister, the sky is his guide to accelerate the better Ghana Agenda.
Young democrats, this is the time for us to call a spade a spade and face the bull by the horns. His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama has vehemently done very well with pace at which development is progressing in the country amidst all the political tension. He has proven that he is a good leader and a peace builder, he has set the pace for others to follow. We hope and believe that in years to come more gargantuan projects would be unleash to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of Ghanaians. We also believe the performance of Hon Alhaji Amin Suleman for this few months have been encouraging and he must be congratulated and applauded. He has assured Ghanaians his outfit would make sure all road projects would be completed as scheduled and planned and some have started manifesting. We are solidly behind you in prayers and support.
We congratulates all Ministers, party leaders and all party supporters for their tireless contribution to the development of our country and party. No one won the election alone it was due to restless and tireless efforts of young democrats, MPs, proactive campaign teams and die hard supporters of NDC. We young democrats pledge and promise His Excellency , Hon. Alhaji Amin Suleman would deliver on our core campaign promises of better Ghana Agenda II. We also wish His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama to appoint more Sissalas to man the affairs of this country and accelerate development projects in the Ghana. We wish his Excellency well and pray hard that will God all our Promises would be realised. We also wish Hon. Alhaji Amin Suleman well and ask for Allah's guidance and support for his immerse contribution to the development of Ghana and the Sissala land. Hon. E LO LI. Once again, thank you His Excellency and congratulation Hon. Alhaji Amidu Amin Suleman. Wish all Ghanaians well and peaceful environment to realise the BETTER GHANA AGENDA II.

Written by : Mr. Small Hillia The convener of Young Democrats, Sissala Land
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