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Opinions of Friday, 24 February 2012

Columnist: Abu, Ramadan

Let’s Sanitize Our Air-Waves For The 2012 Election

The youth wing of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) has observed with great worry the current trend of activities within the media landscape, considering the delicate nature of the December 7th 2012. Our worry is as a result of past experience in Rwanda. Today the big question is, “where is the journalist who caused one of the greatest genocides in the history of Africa?”

By this statement, we wish to urge all media houses, host/hostess, panel members, serial callers and the general public, to desist from inflammatory comments that attack the persona of Political party leaders and rather focus on discussing issues that bother on the socio-economic development of Ghana. We expect the media, as the fourth estate of the realm of governance, to play their role by educating their listeners on happenings and policies directions of the diverse political parties thus; giving room for a healthy debate that will shape the future of our mother land, Ghana.

The PNC youth wing is urging the media commission to as a matter of urgency step in and look at ways to sanitize the media landscape to prevent our dear nation from embarking on an unholy journey of distraction. We would want all parties to call their members to order and require them to stick to the pertinent issues that will build their parties and our nation.

Finally, the PNC youth wing would like to send a strong caution to anyone who thinks he has monopoly over violence and insults. The youth of Ghana will not sit and watch them destroy the very country our fore bearers, Dr. K. Nkrumah, Hilla Limann and others built. They should be mindful of the fact that, Ghana continues to be a peaceful nation and the PNC youth wing is ready to use every legitimate means to protect the constitution and the good people of our land.

Ramadan Abu NATIONAL YOUTH ORGANISER- PNC (0244570006)