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Opinions of Monday, 28 November 2016

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

Let my people go

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How can the son of a lion sleep with a she goat? The Nefarious Destructive Cancer came, saw, but could not conquer. Ghanaians have learnt their lesson a bitter way. We are now cautious of those who talk about morality for the talk like Angels but live like ordinary mortals.

The President and his visionless team have grown fat and sleek on our sweat for they have captured and tamed us in a zoo they call Ghana. In an immoral manner, the President and his “Yentie Obiara” looters have looted our collective till and arrogantly display the products of such loot before the very people they have stolen from

When the Nefarious Destructive Cancer was in opposition, the party gave Ghanaians a picture of the Brave New World it will usher the country into. On assumption of power, it has negated all laudable principles it had earlier enunciated in nits manifesto. Probity and accountability have been expunged from the party’s political dictionary. In its place is a new lexicon which literally means “Create, Loot and Share”. Yes, “yebedi keke” has become the mantra of the greatest deceitful political contraption on the entire universe.

Yes, these NDC thieves who were paupers before they found themselves in power now stand before the very people they have skinned to become affluent paupers to boast of their p[prosperity; they even tell us to the face that it is criminal for any of us to aspire to be like them. They put on airs and have become full of themselves.
Yes, these thieves are also ravening wolves disguised as political redeemers and they outdo the downtrodden masses in wickedness. They do not take care of the citizens in the country; instead, they prosper of the people. They have raped the mentality of the “captives” so much to that the captives will give all that he has and earnestly labour to ensure that the President and all his looters of our collective till ride nice cars, wear the finest clots and live in the biggest mansions. Meanwhile, the down trodden masses do not have even shoes for their feet.
We know that a shepherd is to be found among the sheep, but these thieves of politicians in the nefarious Contraption are cut off from the rest of us that they claim to lead. The President goes in an aero plane to commission an unfinished project, while the rest of us are made to trek miles and miles to witness the event.
But is this the destiny the Creator made for the country? I do not think so! It is greed. Yes, personal greed and avarice that have brought us to the situation we now find ourselves in. The standard of the people have continued to deteriorate since the NDC regained power , but it has worsened under this “fumbling and wobbling” leader called John Dramani Mahama who has reversed almost every policy initiated by his predecessor.

Ghanaians now live in mortal fear of Mahama’s Police Force led by the intimidating Kudalor. The thieves in the Nefarious Destructive Cancer have put on so much airs that they obscenely display opulence in the faces of tamed Ghanaians they have looted and continue to loot.

The Inspector General of Police has allotted to himself powers he does not possess. He is now calling openly on anybody from all corners of the world to come to Ghana to take part in electing our leaders if the person has the means. He is telling us that we should stay aloof like eunuchs with nothing between our legs if someone comes to take ballot boxes which will determine our future destiny. What do you do if a thief enters your room to take away your valuables? Do you not hit him with any nearby object you could lay hands on to knock sense into the thief?
In the Yoruba States of Lagos, Ogun, Oshun, Oyo, Ondo and Ekiti, you dare not engage in such a game of destiny if you value your life. The people will lynch you. Now, snatching of ballot boxes has become a thing of the past in these states.
The edict of the IGP will have serious repercussion on the country. The plan of the NDC is to use their thugs to snatch ballot boxes. They have already stuffed ballot boxes and in the proce3ss of being chased, they will drop the stuffed ballot boxes behind and go with the genuine ones. We will take the ones dropped behind by these sons of the devil with the belief that we have retrieved the ballot boxes. Mr. IGP be realistic and do the right thing. What happens if we are not able to retrieve the ballot boxes? Will you be held accountable?

Go to other West African or ECOWAS countries and you will all agree with me that, perhaps, this country of ours would have been better off under any other leader, but this our clueless President. People associate themselves with Great men and women of ideals so that they could move their empires/businesses or countries forward. But when one associates him/herself with “lesser mortals” like Hassan Ayariga and Akua Donkor, what does one expect? Failure and disaster! And this is the price Ghanaians are paying for breaking ranks with Moses and attempting to return to Egypt.
Yes, we have reached this state because we have had at the corridors of power a bunch of pseudo intellectuals who think they are the repository of all knowledge and would listen to advice from no other person but themselves. Unfortunately, their weird knowledge and solutions are inimical to modern methods of solving problems. “Yentie Obiara” syndrome has become the daily mantra of the most deceitful, oppressive, diabolic and evil contraption ever to be established in this sinful world of ours.

Ghanaians are in a political zoo. We walked into it as free and rational humans, but we have been reduced to psychological animals after indoctrination and sorcery by our captors.

Caged, we have found it difficult to leave. We are increasingly debased, until eventually we are about to lose our humanity. What has these faithless, fear possessed President and his team of nation wreckers got to show for their stewardship? They are as greedy, oppressive and insensitive as Nero’s fiefdom.
Fellow Ghanaians, you now have a golden opportunity to free yourselves from the [political zoo that Mahama has put you., Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo offers you a better alternative. Would you take it? I agree with my Nigerian friend, Kola Fabiyi that this is the best opportunity to stop the bull in the china’s shop now, or risk losing the shop, the wars and the bull as well.

The Lord God has spoken. President John Dramani Mahama, Let Ghanaians go!
Daniel Danquah Damptey ( 0243715297
(Self-Appointed Special Aide to Nana Adsdo Dankwa Akufo Addo).